The Mass Communication Forum 2023: A Glimpse into Malaysia’s Dynamic Media Landscape

October 10, 2023

The Mass Communication Forum 2023, hosted by the Centre for University of Hertfordshire (UH) Programmes at INTI International College Subang on 13 September 2023, offered a deep dive into the rapidly evolving media landscape. Focused on the timely theme ‘Exploring Trends and Insights in the Media Landscape,’ the forum assembled a notable panel of media experts and illustrious INTI alumni.

Speakers and the organising committee in a group photo.

“We were honoured to host such distinguished industry professionals and alumni. This event sparked vital discussions, promoted innovation, and played a critical role in highlighting societal shifts within Malaysia’s vibrant media scene,” said Lai Mun Loon, Dean of the Centre for UH Programme.

The panel comprised renowned experts such as Norman Goh of Nikkei Asia, Joel Soh from Blackflag Productions, Daisy Sidhu from Grab Malaysia, and INTI alumni including Rachel Lopez, Breakfast Show Producer at Fly FM; Zee Zaki, Chief Marketing Officer at Intact Media; Elill Easwaran, Journalist from Free Malaysia Today; and Izham Zamani, Video Editor at Makerlab.

Sharing session by the INTI International College Subang alumnus.

Key insights emerged during the forum discussions. Reflecting on the success of ‘Polis Evo 3’, Joel Soh pointed out the significant challenges the pandemic posed, highlighting the film industry’s resilience and adaptability. 

Daisy Sidhu illuminated the rise of fake news in public relations. She underscored the crucial role of public relations practitioners in protecting organisations through the accurate dissemination of information.

Zee Zaki, on the other hand, spotlighted the media’s powerful role. “Media isn’t merely a mirror to society; it shapes its fabric. It’s the catalyst driving global advancements and positively refining our collective ethos,” she stated.

Event participants posing cheerfully after the event.

Zee Zaki succinctly captured the influence of the media: “Media not only mirrors our world but actively crafts it, acting as a catalyst for global advancement and societal betterment.”

At INTI, events featuring industry professionals are pivotal in bridging academia with real-world insights. These engagements expose our students to cutting-edge trends, foster networking opportunities, and provide firsthand industry perspectives. Such immersive experiences enrich their academic journey and pave the way for future career success, equipping them with a competitive edge in the ever-evolving professional landscape.