The Loke Twins: Champions in the Pool and Classroom

June 13, 2024

Kuala Lumpur state and international-level swimming competitors, twin sisters Charlotte Loke and Charlene Loke are great examples of successfully managing academics and sports. Their dedication to studies and swimming has paved an inspiring path, which they continued when they enrolled in INTI International College Subang’s foundation programmes.

Charlotte pursued the Foundation in Information Technology, where her passion for coding and technology quickly became evident. She recently became the champion of the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Malaysia National Championship in the Microsoft Word Category. Meanwhile, Charlene pursued a Foundation in Business, driven by her interest in the field. Despite the rigorous demands of their training schedules, both sisters excelled academically.

Twin sisters Charlotte Loke and Charlene Loke, with their inspiring coach Marellyn Liew—a seasoned athlete, a national record holder, a 2009 World Championship qualifier, and a Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) medallist..

Charlotte and Charlene’s love for swimming began almost by chance. Charlotte shared, “Our mom taught us the basics just for fun. But what started as a playful activity quickly turned into a passion.” By age ten, they took intensive swimming classes, their eyes set on competitive swimming. Charlene added, “I remember my first local competition; I was more excited about the snacks afterwards than the race itself.”

Their mother’s unwavering support was the basis of their success. “She has never missed a single competition, ensures we are well-fed, drives us to training, and cheers us on, no matter what.”

In August, Charlotte competed at the SEA Age 2023 Championships in Jakarta.

In 2020, their hard work paid off when they qualified as state-level swimmers for Kuala Lumpur. Charlotte achieved a significant milestone when representing Malaysia at the 2023 SEA Age Group Championships in Jakarta. She shared, “Standing there with the Malaysian flag was surreal.”

The pressure peaked during Charlene’s SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) exams in 2022. “There was a major international meet right after my SPM. I couldn’t reduce my training, so I studied whenever I could—between practices, late nights, and weekends. It was exhausting but incredibly rewarding when I saw my results,” she shared.

She recently achieved significant success at the Malaysia Invitational Age Group Swimming Championship (MIAG), where she secured a gold medal in the 4x200m freestyle relay and a silver in the 4x100m medley relay. “I enjoyed the team spirit during the relay because every teammate cheered for each other,” she said.

Charlene represented Kuala Lumpur at the 66th Malaysia Open Swimming Championship at the National Aquatic Centre in Bukit Jalil in May 2024.

The sisters’ journey was intertwined with the support of their family and their coach, Marellyn Liew, a seasoned athlete, national record holder, 2009 World Championship qualifier, and Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) medalist.

She proudly said, “I have been coaching them since 2018. They are role models to all the young swimmers—punctual, disciplined, and always knowing what they need. I will always talk about their dedication and hard work to future generations of swimmers.”
“My advice to future athletes is to work hard, approach the sport with integrity, never take the easy way out, and seek self-motivation every day,” she added.

Charlotte became the champion of the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Malaysia National Championship in the Microsoft Word Category in May 2024.

Echoing Marellyn’s sentiments, Charlene admired her as her greatest inspiration, saying, “She’s committed, hardworking, and always pushes us further.”
The merit scholarships from INTI were more than just financial support; they recognised the twins’ relentless drive. “It’s not just about swimming or studying; it’s about managing time wisely, setting clear goals, and staying disciplined,” she said.

As Charlotte and Charlene continue their journey, they remain role models for aspiring athletes and students. Charlotte advised, “Don’t be afraid to try new things—it’s all about balance and time management. Set your goals and pursue them with passion.”

Their achievements at INTI, both in the pool and classroom, have set a high bar for excellence. The twins continue to inspire with their commitment and success, proving that anything is possible with the right mindset and support.

10-year-old Charlene and Charlotte won their first medal at a swim carnival at the Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan in 2015.