Preparing Gen Z for Unique 21st Century Careers

December 7, 2018

INTI International University & Colleges hosted a special event today for members of the media to relive college for a day. Immersing them through a series of interactive workshops in creative arts and culinary arts, the event aimed to provide the media with an opportunity to discover unique careers in this day and age, which more young Malaysians or Gen Zs are considering, including starting their own businesses.


INTI’s 2015 Gen Z survey discovered that 42% of Gen Zs want to do something completely new when making career choices, 37% hope to turn their hobbies into a profession and 31% want to be entrepreneurs .

In line with the global resurgence of the coffee shop culture and with many young Malaysians discovering a new found appreciation for coffee and art, there are now younger consumers who have discovered an affinity for handcrafted items that are unique and personal . As a result, Gen Zs are also prompted to learn how to brew their own coffee and are inspired to open and manage their own cafés , thus also creating business opportunities for creative artists to consult and incorporate their designs into these cafés.

In recognising the growing creative and entrepreneurial pursuits, INTI has included a broad range of practical experiences into its curriculum, such as employer projects and skills-based workshops. These enable students to build up their competencies which help them embark on their own unique career journeys, for some, even before they graduate.

Dr Jane Lim, Chief Executive of INTI International College Subang shared, “We want to give members of the media the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a college student today. Today’s event, with the theme Back to College is a taste of what students learn when they enter INTI, especially what it takes to embrace a unique career in either the culinary arts or the creative arts industries. These industries, particularly, require students to have hands on experiences, and a range of skills and competencies that will help them stand out in their careers or support them towards becoming entrepreneurs.”


Through these practical experiences and industry collaborations with more than 450 industry partners including Delicious Group Sdn Bhd,, Hilton Malaysia, IKEA Malaysia and Royale Demure, INTI’s 2017 Graduate Employability Outcomes recorded that 99% of INTI graduates are employed within 6 months of graduation, 91% of INTI graduates are paid higher than the market average and 60% of INTI graduates obtain job offers even before they graduate. These numbers are validated by BDO Malaysia, making INTI the only institution of higher education to vouch for its graduate outcomes.

Members of the media spent the afternoon attending two workshops on creating a personalised wooden name plaque and also how to brew the perfect cup of latte. They also got to experience the facilities on campus including the newly renovated Student Hub and cafeteria, both of which were recently opened to students several weeks ago.