Journey of Perseverance: Embracing Challenges on the Road to Academic Achievement

October 31, 2023

The path to academic excellence is seldom smooth, a truth Lee Pei Xuan knows all too well. Behind her radiant smile and steadfast spirit lies a tale of resilience that unfolds within the halls of INTI International University’s Faculty of Business and Communication. At 23, this spirited young woman navigates her first year, eyeing a Bachelor of Business (Hons) in International Business.

Pei Xuan’s journey stands out for her cerebral palsy diagnosis and her relentless pursuit of education despite it. Initially, the condition robbed her of the ability to stand, walk, or sit unaided. Yet, with grit and extensive physical therapy, she overcame these hurdles to move independently despite lingering limitations.

According to Pei Xuan, her compassionate lecturers often arranged classroom changes to ease her life at INTI International University.

Her family’s support was unwavering. To bolster her independence, her father provided a custom electric wheelchair. “My father got me an electric wheelchair to help me move at the same pace as everyone else,” Pei Xuan recalled, gratitude in her voice.

But the academic world presented fresh challenges, particularly with time-bound exams, which were her mountain to climb. Despite the strain, Pei Xuan’s spirit never waned, thanks in no small part to the robust support system at INTI. Her journey was also a tribute to her late mother, who had dreamed of seeing her daughter thrive at INTI International University.

The faculty’s kindness, especially in ensuring her physical accessibility to learning spaces, left a deep imprint on Pei Xuan. “Some lecturers, understanding my struggles with reaching higher floors, would request classroom changes. They even acknowledged my need for extra time during exams,” she explained, highlighting the institution’s role in her positive academic experience.

INTI’s dynamic curriculum further enriched her university life. The Design Thinking course, for instance, was a game-changer, sparking her creativity and offering a window into real industry interactions. The hands-on approach extended to her Business Communication class, where a fundraising project illuminated the value of teamwork. “It made me recognise my weaknesses, appreciate my team member’s strengths, and understand the essence of collaboration,” she reflected.

Financially, university support was instrumental in helping her secure assistance from the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) and Bantuan Kebajikan OKU, significantly easing her family’s financial responsibilities.

Pei Xuan, a special student who always smiles, never gets tired of studying, and never feels less self-confident.

Pei Xuan envisions a bright future with potential, aspiring to don the entrepreneurial hat with her successful venture. Her story is not just about personal triumph but a testament to the transformative power of an inclusive educational environment. It underscores the indomitable spirit of individuals who, against all odds, relentlessly chase their dreams.