INTI’s Khor Haojun Secures ‘Top in the World’ Accolade for Cambridge A-Level Mathematics

December 8, 2023

With an extraordinary passion for numbers, 19-year-old Khor Haojun, a student in INTI International College Penang’s Cambridge A-Level Programme, has demonstrated his prowess by achieving the prestigious title of “Top in the World” for Mathematics in the June 2023 examinations recognised by Cambridge Assessment International Education.

Khor, who hails from Nibong Tebal, Penang, attributes his remarkable success to his deep love for the elegance and logic of Mathematics. He believes that his passion has allowed him to delve into the intricate world of numbers and understand it on a profound level.

He eloquently describes his perspective on Mathematics, stating, “Math is a very sophisticated subject while solving math problems is like building a Lego. Sometimes, it may not make sense to you during the process, but if you make it step by step and try different approaches, you will eventually work your way out and find the solutions. That is the beauty of math.” He has cherished Mathematics since childhood.

Khor Haojun, from INTI International College Penang’s Cambridge A-Level Programme, was recognised at the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards Ceremony on 27 November 2023 held at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Shah Alam.

Khor’s exceptional abilities extend beyond mathematics. He maintains a delicate balance between rigorous study routines and active participation in extracurricular activities like the Badminton Club and Football Club to prevent burnout and stress. Reflecting on his passion for Mathematics, he also acknowledges the pivotal role of his lecturers at INTI and teachers from SMJK Jit Sin 2, Penang, for their tireless guidance and support.

He humbly shares his effective study techniques, which include practising past papers and mock exams under timed conditions and seeking feedback from teachers and peers on challenging questions. He explains, “I usually pay attention to all the lectures and ensure I know all the topics thoroughly. But you can start doing past papers two weeks before the mock exam. For me, I would complete two subjects a day. And the next day, I would do the past papers for the other two subjects, as I took four subjects. Usually, it would only take no more than 5 hours each day to revise. So, there would still be plenty of free time.”

Despite challenges during his exam preparation, Khor made sure that he focused on the process rather than the outcome to achieve success.

Despite facing challenges during his exam preparation, Khor’s focus on the process rather than the outcome was pivotal in his success.

Meanwhile, Bee Hooi Tan, Head of Programme at INTI International College Penang’s Centre of Excellence for Pre-University (CEPS), expressed her pride in Khor Haojun’s outstanding achievement: “His success not only reflects his accomplishments but also serves as an inspiration to his peers. His journey illustrates that hard work and dedication lead to positive outcomes, motivating other students to challenge themselves and forge ahead.”

When asked how INTI supports students in their exam preparation, particularly in challenging subjects, Bee Hooi Tan emphasises the significance of a conducive learning environment. She states, “Within the Centre of Excellence for Pre-University Studies, dedicated lecturers, small class sizes, and Canvas LMS create a supportive environment. Lecturers go beyond standard teaching, offering consultation hours and mentor-mentee relationships. The small class size ensures personalised attention, and the Canvas LMS facilitates easy access to notes, reading materials, and exercises for future reference.”