INTI’s Industry Collaborations Link Students to Latest Resources in ICT

March 6, 2012

IBM, Cisco and SAP are among INTI’s list of global IT partners providing students with cutting edge technological know-how and professional certification to ensure their high employability upon graduation.


In fulfilling its brand promise to bring industry into the classroom, INTI through synergistic alliances such as MyUniAlliance with SAP and Software Career Training (SCT) with IBM, have enabled its students to gain access to a wealth of resources, technologies, industry best practices and business solutions.


INTI was one of the first educational institutions in Malaysia to participate in MyUniAlliance, an initiative by Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) to upscale and hone the abilities of undergraduates in ICT. A special hosting service is available to INTI’s students to access SAP systems for hands-on learning under a free software license that will provide knowledge of integrated business processes and industry best practices.


“Graduates need to be knowledgeable about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems which integrate internal and external management information across an entire organization. We are very pleased to be in partnership with SAP, the world’s largest ERP solutions provider, to create educational opportunities and promote innovation among our students,” said Professor Walter Wong, Vice-Chancellor of INTI International University.

Professional certification by INTI’s IT partners can be a passport to employment anywhere in the world.

Professional certification provides INTI students with additional practical skills and knowledge that will give them a competitive edge over their peers. IBM’s SCT programme offers students a combination of technical knowledge, IBM leading technology, industry best practices and personal professional development in one integrated, career-enhancing learning experience. Graduates will acquire a high quality and recognised Malaysian qualification from INTI as well as an international IBM professional certification which gives them an immediate edge in job interviews and employment.


INTI has also worked alongside Cisco Networking Academy for many years. By incorporating the CCNA and CCNA wireless syllabus into its Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Network & Mobile Computing programme, INTI ensures that students develop the skills to design and manage medium-sized networks. The partnership also presents a pathway to professional certification in CCNP and CCIE.


The INTI curriculum emphasises on all-rounded development of a student’s cognitive and practical skills. Close collaboration with the industry ensures that the curriculum developed is relevant to the market’s needs, and more importantly, focuses on soft skills such as project management, team work, and proposals among others, which are essential skills when entering the work force.


Students of INTI benefit not only from the institution’s over 25 years of experience and strong track-record, but also gain from the global synergy and resources that Laureate International Universities provides. Laureate – the world’s largest private education network – has a presence in 29 countries, with more than 60 accredited universities and 130 campuses, serving more than 675,000 students globally.


For more information on INTI’s industry-linked courses, call 06-7982000.