INTI’s Chris Chew Vi Min Sweeps Gold in Finswimming

March 1, 2024

Meet Chris Chew Vi Min, a 20-year-old INTI International College Penang student currently enrolled in the Foundation in Science programme. Chris’s journey into finswimming has not only propelled him to success but has also captured the hearts of his fellow students and mentors alike.

Chris Chew Vi Min proudly displays his gold medals after a stellar performance at the 1st Malaysia Age Group Finswimming Championship.

Chris stunned everyone at the 1st Malaysia Age Group Finswimming Championship with his remarkable performance, clinching gold medals in the 50m and 100m Bifin events. His eyes gleamed with pride as he stood on the podium, basking in the glory of his achievements.

“It’s hard to put into words how I felt having the national games here in Penang. Winning gold in front of my hometown crowd was an experience I’ll never forget,” Chris beamed, his voice filled with genuine joy.

Chris’s journey into finswimming began with a simple introduction from the secretary of the Penang Finswimming Association. Little did he know that it would become a pivotal part of his life, offering him both victories, personal growth, and fulfilment.

Chris Chew Vi Min glides through the pool with effortless grace, showcasing his exceptional talent and dedication to finswimming excellence.

But Chris’s story doesn’t end with local success. He proudly represented Malaysia at the SEA Games, bringing home a bronze medal and setting a new national record. For Chris, it was more than just a medal; it was a testament to his dedication and resilience.

Balancing the demands of training with his academic responsibilities in the Foundation in Science programme at INTI International College Penang hasn’t been easy. Still, Chris credits the supportive environment for helping him find his stride.

“INTI International College Penang has been my rock. They’ve given me the flexibility to pursue my dreams while still excelling academically,” Chris shared, gratitude evident in his voice.

As Chris continues chasing his dreams in the finswimming world, he knows he’s not alone. With the unwavering support of his college and the warmth of his community behind him, there’s no limit to what he can achieve.