INTI’s Business Students Gain Real-World Insights at Pos Malaysia

June 10, 2024

Students from INTI International College Subang’s (IICS) School of Business and Communication (SBC) recently had the unique opportunity to gain firsthand experience of the logistics industry by visiting the Pos Malaysia Integrated Parcel Centre (IPC) in Shah Alam. This visit proved to be an invaluable part of their Certificate in Business Studies (CBSN) programme.

The visit was designed to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and real-world application. Students observed the detailed parcel collection, sorting, and distribution processes. The hands-on experience allowed them to engage in vibrant lectures covering topics related to their assignments, including materials identification, receipt and inspection, dispatch procedures, and record-keeping systems.

Students observing the intricate operations at the Pos Malaysia Integrated Parcel Centre.

Student Lau Xin Wei reflected on the experience, saying, “Visiting Pos Malaysia in Shah Alam was an extraordinary opportunity. I gained invaluable insights into their parcel processing operations and marvelled at the efficiency of advanced barcode scanning technology.”

Another student, Kelly Chan Jia Yee, said the visit was a highly educational first-time experience. “I learned about their goods-handling procedures, including damage management and barcode scanning technology. Understanding the operational scale during peak hours was particularly intriguing,” she noted.

Lim Shi Min, a student, was equally impressed, describing the visit as “nothing short of spectacular. Witnessing the automated sorting system in action was mesmerising. This technology optimises resource utilisation and operates at remarkable speeds.”

Pos Malaysia’s Integrated Parcel Centre team explained the parcel sorting process to the students.

Natalie Leong, Head of the Programme for the Certificate in Business Studies, emphasised the visit’s significance. “The excursion showcased the practical application of smart logistics at Pos Malaysia Integrated Parcel Centre. It gave our students a deeper comprehension of how technology seamlessly integrates into operations to bolster efficiency, mitigate human error, and expedite parcel deliveries,” she remarked.

Lecturer Lily Lee echoed these sentiments, describing the visit as enlightening, informative, and exhilarating. She highlighted the extensive knowledge gained about Pos Malaysia’s warehouse management system, sorting processes, and logistics operations.

This transformative visit significantly enhanced the students’ understanding of inventory and logistics management, providing them with invaluable practical experience to complement their academic studies.

The team from Pos Malaysia’s Integrated Parcel Centre and students from the School of Business and Communication pose for a group photo.