INTI Students Provide Business Solutions to IBM GDC

August 7, 2013

IBM Global Delivery Centre (IBM GDC)’s efforts to strengthen its brand presence and perception among non-ICT graduates, in order to recruit and retain talent, received a significant boost via fresh and innovative ideas and solutions provided by students of INTI.


Over 50 students from the School of Business at INTI International College Subang worked with IBM GDC on a project that was part of their class assignment that provided industry exposure and the opportunity to work closely with key industry players. Working together in teams of 8 to 10, the students were given the opportunity to focus on one of the five key areas in discussion which were brand appeal, career development, job match, job design and benefits, and compensation.

Project participants with Tucker (centre) during the students’ presentation

While all teams were assigned the same questionnaire, the focus was on the recommendations each team developed for IBM GDC to improve its brand positioning among non-ICT graduates and the means to attract them. Taking practical measures and applying theoretical understanding in developing their solutions and recommendations, the students presented their findings to a panel of judges represented by key people from IBM and INTI.


“I think the students did a stellar job. It is very rare that I see people hit it out of the park. Each group had its own strengths but if you take it collectively, it’s a very powerful message that they delivered today and it showed the thoughtfulness they put into the presentation and the hard work involved,” said Craig Tucker, Director of IBM GDC and one of the main judges during the students’ presentation.


“Despite over 13,000 IT graduates coming out of schools every year, there is actually more IT-related work available in the market than there are IT graduates. That was the catalyst for IBM GDC to find ways in appealing to non-ICT graduates to fill that void,” said Tucker on the objective of the 3-month project.


Innovation brings multiple industry projects that enable INTI’s students to work with employers on real business issues and solutions to gain experience and readiness for global employability. Students have undertaken over 160 innovative projects from 2012 up to June 2013 in collaboration with industry partners. Real employer projects have been introduced in the classroom to help students develop problem solving, collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills.


To bring out a student’s full potential, individual development is emphasized at INTI and this involves the student’s journey of transformation to become a competent graduate via a self-discovery and development plan using personality assessment tools, industry talks, and career camps. Students build self-confidence and communication skills via specially-developed General Education modules. Individual development also involves coaching and mentorship programmes, grooming workshops, and on campus recruitment which has seen over 180 students offered jobs by top employers over the past year.


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