A group of five students from INTI International College Penang (INTI), studying Bachelor of Science in Computer Science are currently on a mission to fight gender inequality using mobile applications. As a result, they have created TheFriendZone, a problem solving game that brings two players together anonymously, who must then complete a challenge by working together, complementing each other’s skills.


Only when this pair of players successfully complete a challenge are their individual profiles revealed on the scoreboard and they can see their partner’s picture, username, level, etc.

The mobile app was named among the Top 9 apps at #Codethon2017, a learning-intensive hackathon event where amateur and experienced coders, designers and business people came together to develop app prototypes for the theme “Technopreneurship for Gender Equality”.

“Our inspiration first came from a female member of our team who shared her experiences with gender inequality.

Cultural norms have influenced society to view women as incapable of solving technology-related problems and often view it as a joke when they share their opinions. Like the adage “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, gender inequality issues can’t be solved in a day but takes the hearts of everyone to overcome it,” said Wen Kai Ang, a final year student at INTI’s School of Engineering and Technology.

You can help these students to make it through to the next round!

Head over to https://codeathon-2017.devpost.com/ and click on TheFriendZone to vote. Voting is open for only four more days, so get your friends to also be a part of this idea and to make this one-of-a-kind mobile application a success.

Good luck team INTI!