INTI Student Wins Silver At Asia Digital Challenge 2022

September 21, 2022

Soh Eu Jhern secured a silver medal at the ICDL Asia Digital Challenge 2022 for the Design Track under the Tertiary Level category. The INTI International College Penang student qualified for the Grand Finals after completing the first and second rounds conducted between March and August. The grand final was held on 5 September.

The fifth edition of the ICDL Asia Digital Challenge took place virtually amid the ongoing pandemic, allowing more students across the Asia Pacific region to participate in the highly anticipated competition. The challenge aimed to expose contestants to emerging technologies, design, and the use of office application tools.

INTI International College Penang Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering student Soh Eu Jhern represented Malaysia at the ICDL Asia Digital Challenge 2022 and won silver for the Design Track under the Tertiary Level category.

19-year-old Eu Jhern, who represented Malaysia against 22 other contestants, said the win was unexpected as the competition was tough.

“Winning silver in such a challenging competition was unexpected, but I was deeply humbled and thankful for this achievement, especially because I was able to make Malaysia and INTI proud,” he said, acknowledging the other contestants from 11 countries put up a good fight.

He cited his eagerness to learn how to use the CAD software as motivation to join the competition, adding that the challenge helped him to expand his skillset. While it can be utilized across many different fields, such as construction and filmmaking, CAD software is more commonly used by engineers.

“As a mechanical engineering student, this competition is relevant to my course and enhances the skills that are vital for us to use the CAD software,” said the second-year mechanical engineering undergraduate.

Eu Jhern, who is currently pursuing the Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering programme, expressed his utmost appreciation for the college and his lecturers for their support. He added that the Head of Programme at the School of Engineering and Technology, Nur Hafizah Habideen, had helped him obtain the course module for Stage 1 from the organisers.

“It is also a blessing that my lecturer, Ashwindran Naidu Sanderasagran, is knowledgeable in Auto CAD so he taught me the fastest way to do the design. I have the basic Auto CAD, but with his help, I was able to complete the design and submit it on time,” Eu Jhern said.

He recalled receiving the topic for the final round on 1 August while having to sit for final exams three days in a row. Therefore, the tips he received from his lecturer were of immense help in designing a 3D model of a futuristic transport.

“Words of encouragement from my coursemate and my best friend inspired me. Every bit of support and constructive comment gave me strength and a confidence that I can do it,” he said.

Soh Eu Jhern believes that good time management and focus are vital for success.

He added that having experienced the competition and final exams taking place simultaneously taught him to be more flexible and strategic in managing time. It made him realise the time management and focus are the keys to success as both were important to him. The ICDL programme, he said, was the most generally accepted computer qualification in the world and the best way for people to demonstrate their proficiency in using computer applications.

“The ICDL certificate proves the skills that I acquired and gives me extra credentials on top of my degree certificate. This might give me an advantage over other candidates when job hunting,” he explained.

Eu Jhern acknowledged the importance of digital skills in this era, and added that the pandemic made digital skills necessary for online meetings, online forums and conferences, online classes, working from home.

“Digital skills are driving transformative change and shaping the global digital economy. People should at least know the basic skills to keep up with the rapidly changing technology,” he said.

Eu Jhern will be interning next semester at a medical devices company as he feels mechanical engineering can improve healthcare and there is a great demand for improved technologies and solutions. He hopes to one day put his knowledge and 3D design abilities to use to give back to the community.