INTI Partners with Schneider Electric to Boost Student Employability and Professional Development

May 20, 2024

INTI International University & Colleges is proud to announce a new partnership with Schneider Electric, formalised through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed at Schneider Electric Malaysia Headquarters in Petaling Jaya. This collaboration aims to significantly enhance student employability and foster the professional growth of both INTI students and Schneider Electric’s team.

The MoU was endorsed by Chong Kok Wai, Chief Executive Officer of INTI International University & Colleges, and Eugene Quah, Country President of Malaysia, Schneider Electric. This partnership ushers in joint initiatives, including forums, seminars, workshops, and mentorship programmes designed to bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world professional experience.

(From left) Vimal Isha Kaur Harpajan Singh, Senior Legal Counsel of INTI International University & Colleges; Chong Kok Wai, Chief Executive Officer of INTI International University & Colleges; Eugene Quah, Country General Manager of Schneider Electric; and Jin Hui Yau, Country Human Resources Leader at Schneider Electric, pose for a photo after the MoU signing.

Kok Wai expressed his enthusiasm for the transformative potential of this partnership, stating, “This collaboration is a significant step towards enhancing the employability of our students and bolstering the professional growth of Schneider Electric’s team.” He added, “We eagerly anticipate the launch of joint activities such as forums, seminars, and workshops. We also welcome Schneider Electric’s leaders to engage in our Design Thinking Mentorship programmes, potentially join as adjunct faculty or serve on our Industry Advisory Board. Their participation will bring invaluable insights into our academic environment.”

Highlighting the personal significance of this collaboration, Eugene Quah, who is also an alumnus of INTI, remarked, “One of the main focuses of this partnership is to harness the power of all generations by fostering learning, upskilling, and continuous development. We recognise the importance of collaboration and understand that we cannot succeed in many business areas alone. Therefore, this partnership is significant to everyone here today, and through this collaboration, we are committed to enhancing support for students seeking internship and graduate opportunities.”

Schneider Electric has introduced its Next Gen Programs, which include the Schneider Internship Program, Schneider Graduate Program, Schneider Global Student Experience, and Schneider Go Green competition. These initiatives will provide INTI students with invaluable hands-on experience, exposure to industry practices, and comprehensive education opportunities.

In addition, the MoU opens doors for INTI academics, with experienced faculty members having the opportunity to intern at Schneider Electric for career exposure and development. In return, Schneider Electric will leverage its expertise to support agile projects and academic initiatives, creating a mutually beneficial arrangement for both organisations. This collaboration ensures that INTI students and faculty have the knowledge and skills needed to excel in today’s dynamic business environment.

INTI and Schneider Electric are optimistic about their partnership, driven by a shared vision to confront future challenges and shape the prospects for the next generation of professionals.

INTI International University & Colleges and Schneider Electric shared a vision to shape the future for the next generation of professionals and are excited about the possibilities ahead.