INTI Launches Education Counselling Centre in Sarawak

January 31, 2023

INTI International University & Colleges recently launched the INTI Education Counselling Centre Sarawak, a one-stop centre for parents and prospective students seeking guidance on higher education opportunities. The facility located in Kuching is set to offer information and advice on education pathways available at INTI.

The centre, officiated by Sarawak’s Minister of Education, Innovation, and Talent Development YB Datuk Roland Sagah Wee Inn on 17 January 2023, also acts as a regional hub for parents and students from Sarawak to obtain comprehensive details on registration for studies at INTI’s campuses across Malaysia, application for accommodation and available scholarships or financial aid. The centre makes it convenient for parents and students to gain access to important information without having to travel to INTI’s campuses in Malaysia.

In his speech, INTI Chief Executive Officer Chong Kok Wai acknowledged that today’s graduates face a challenging employment landscape, and that INTI aims to provide the best academic and industry experience to young graduates across the country.

(From left to right) Beppy Stella Anak Girim representing the Sarawak Education Director, Jamiran Salam representing the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education, Innovation and Talent Development Sarawak, YB Datuk Roland Sagah Wee Inn Minister Of Education, Innovation and Talent Development, Mr. Chong Kok Wai Chief Executive Officer of INTI International University & Colleges, YB Datuk Francis Harden Hollis Deputy Minister of Education, Innovation and Talent Development II (Talent Development), and Ms. Szu Jean Che, Head of INTI’s Regional Office.

“We live in interesting times – where the future of work will demand greater innovation, agility, and diversity than ever before. Today’s graduates face an increasingly competitive and unpredictable labour market requiring more than just a paper qualification to secure a job. INTI takes the lead in preparing students for their future career by ensuring that they not only own a degree, but also have the skills sought by employers,” he said.

He added that INTI will continue to align its curriculum with the industry and encourage students to embrace lifelong learning.

“So, I welcome you to take the first step to building your future. Come and meet our counsellors to discover what programmes suit your interest, be it interior design, fashion, engineering, communications, or even business,” he said.

Meanwhile, YB Datuk Roland Sagah Wee Inn lauded the establishment of the counselling centre as it will help local students determine educational pathways that will take them to the next level.

“Congratulations to INTI International University & Colleges for taking this step to expand its services by opening an education counselling centre here in Sarawak which will offer students here even more options for quality higher education. This is something meaningful for our local students,” he said.

(Fourth from right) YB Datuk Roland Sagah Wee Inn, Sarawak’s Minister of Education, Innovation and Talent Development, signing a plaque to mark the grand opening of the INTI Education Counselling Centre Sarawak located in Gala City, Kuching.

He continued saying that INTI’s goal of producing work-ready graduates was in line with the ministry’s vision to have competitive talent to drive the state’s aspiration for a skilled and capable workforce.

“By working together, the ministry and INTI can achieve great things to create opportunities and a brighter future for everyone. Engagement with schools and other agencies through events and other outreach activities can bring a new perspective to us in creating innovation and improvement to the future of education,” said YB Datuk Roland.

The centre was officiated by YB Datuk Roland Sagah and Chong Kok Wai together with YB Datuk Francis Harden Hollis, Deputy Minister for Education, Innovation and Talent Development II (Talent Development), Jamiran Salam who represented the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education, Innovation and Talent Development Sarawak, and Beppy Stella Anak Girim, who represented the Sarawak Education Director. A lion dance blessing performance by a troupe from Chung Hua Middle School No 1, Kuching, followed in the ceremony that was attended by school principals and counsellors.