INTI HEROS Takes Institution’s Business Model to a Higher Plane

September 15, 2011

The process of managing a student’s entire lifecycle – from the moment of enrollment right up to graduation and beyond – has taken a quantum leap forward with the initiation of INTI HEROS.


A world class, comprehensive Cloud-based CRM system designed and implemented by Lava Protocols using platform, INTI HEROS pioneers the Entrepreneurship Business Model in Malaysia’s education industry and its recent launch symbolizes the beginning of a ‘Business Process Transformation’ journey for INTI towards an entrepreneurship-minded business.

Mr Sevak launches INTI HEROS as project leaders Eddy Choo and Menaga Munisamy look on.

“INTI has taken bold and vigorous steps to ensure this transformation journey is tracked with the best and most efficient technology available in the world,” said Mr. Amit Sevak, CEO of Laureate Malaysia and Deputy CEO of INTI. “Delivering a superior educational experience for all our students is critically important and for this we require the right combination of talent, passion and IT resources to take our operations to the next level.”


The smart partnership between INTI, Lava Protocols and had enabled the blue print of INTI HEROS to be successfully engineered.


The key to this successful partnership lies in Lava Protocol’s in-depth knowledge on both technology and strategic alignment of INTI’s long-term business objectives. It only took Lava Protocols 32 days to complete the implementation of INTI HEROS ahead of time and within budget.


“The journey was a pleasure; the achievement was the ultimate satisfaction. But the most meaningful moment was when INTI believed in our technology and took the leap to foster productivity and growth,” said Mr. Gopi Ganesalingam, Managing Director of Lava Protocols.


Lava Protocols is the leading Cloud Computing Provider in Malaysia with an innovative partner –, leader of Cloud-based CRM solutions in the world. Together, they have implemented this technology in large organizations across industries, including leaders in Telecommunication, Supply Chain Management, IT and Security, Aeronautical, Healthcare, Oil and Gas, Education, and Government Departments. Lava Protocol’s vision is to play a dynamic role in helping the nation foster economic growth with cloud computing technology.


Students benefit not only from INTI’s 25 years of experience and strong track-record, but also gain from the global synergy and resources that Laureate International Universities provides. INTI is part of Laureate International Universities, the world’s largest private education network with a presence in 28 countries, with more than 60 accredited campus-based and online universities and 130 campuses, serving over 650,000 students globally.


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