INTI and WWF-Malaysia Educational Screening of Wildlife Documentary to Build Student Awareness on Conservation

March 30, 2023

In a bid to create more awareness on wildlife conservation, especially on the endangered Bornean elephants, INTI International University & Colleges collaborated with WWF-Malaysia on an educational screening of a wildlife documentary.

The hybrid event held on 15 February saw participants attend virtually and physically at the INTI International College Subang and INTI College Sabah campuses to view a production which highlighted how Bornean elephants are being threatened by habitat loss, human-elephant conflict, and poaching.

INTI’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Chong Kok Wai said that the documentary is a great initiative to help develop the students to become responsible in giving back to society to help conserve the environment.


(From left to right) Yvonne Tan, Head of Career Services at INTI International College Subang, Dr. Jane Lim, Chief Executive of INTI International College Subang, Suan Tan, WWF-Malaysia Brand Activation Senior Manager, Chong Kok Wai, Chief Executive Officer at INTI International University & Colleges, and Naomi Yang, Assistant Vice President of Career Services pose for a group photo at the end of an educational screening of a wildlife documentary.

“While we work hard to prepare our students for the future by developing them for academic success, we also believe in the importance of personal development and helping them become responsible members of the community,” he said, adding that investing in nature and the environment will benefit future generations.

“With environmental sustainability becoming an increasingly prominent issue for the world, one of the ways that INTI, as a higher education institution, can play a role is by providing environmental education and awareness through efforts with the government, NGOs, international organisations, local communities, and individuals working in these areas,” he said.

WWF-Malaysia Associate Director, Sabah, Dr. Robecca Jumin acknowledged INTI’s continuous support to raising funds for WWF-Malaysia’s conservation team since 2012 through various employer projects and activities

“In addition to empowering INTI students with project management, marketing, communication, and other practical skills that offer them a competitive edge when starting their careers, we believe that this employer project will inspire them to become nature’s ambassadors in the future,” she said in her speech during the hybrid event.

She added that the documentary highlights the living landscape approach as a model of innovative nature-based solutions to protect biodiversity in balance with economic development.

“Through its three pillars of Protect, Produce, and Restore, the documentary explores the dynamic between people and elephants and highlights the challenges for both as they share the same space and ultimately show that coexistence is sustainable and beneficial in the long term,” she said.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Danial Iman Azlan Suhaimi, a student currently pursuing the Diploma in Financial Informatics at INTI International University College Subang said the documentary screening was a great learning experience for the students as they learned about the current condition of endangered species in Sabah.

(On the right) Azmeer Zaini Annuar Zaini, a student pursuing the Bachelor of Business Administration programme in collaboration with University of Hertfordshire at INTI College Sabah, was one of the emcees at the hybrid screening event.

“I got to learn that healthy ecosystems rely heavily on animals, so when these species are in danger, our ecosystem will slowly start to come apart too,” he said.

Goh Khai Tong, one of the participants from INTI International College Subang’s School of Business and Communication, said the screening enlightened him about the impact of activities such as logging to wildlife.

“It is upsetting to know that their habitats are being destroyed by irresponsible humans. The documentary has really opened my eyes on how we need to be more mindful to help conserve nature and wildlife,” he said.

Meanwhile, Azmeer Zaini Annuar Zaini, a student pursuing the Bachelor of Business Administration programme in collaboration with University of Hertfordshire at INTI College Sabah, said it is crucial for today’s generation today to educate themselves about preserving the environment.

“I believe if we know how important it is to protect these gentle animals, we have the power to educate the younger generation so that they will have the right mindset to care for and love our flora and fauna as they get older,” he said with a smile.

Being a Sabahan himself, Azmeer said he could not imagine the world without biodiversity in the future and hopes to see more effort from both  INTI and WWF-Malaysia to protect endangered species.

Since 2012, INTI has collaborated with WWF-Malaysia on various impactful and innovative projects to help raise awareness and funds to support global conservation efforts.