Who is eligible to apply for the INTI International Education Scholarship?

All new international students only ( not applicable to Malaysians ).

Application Guideline

Programme of Study

All Programme
(except Intensive English Programme or English Improvement Programme)

Scholarships Entitlement*

Up to a maximum of 45%

*The International Education Scholarship is awarded based on a first-come, first-served basis. Limited awards available. Interested and eligible applicants are encouraged to apply earliest possible. Meeting the eligibility requirements does not automatically guarantee the applicant the scholarship
All applications must meet the eligibility requirements 
INTI International Education Scholarship is only applicable to year one tuition fees 
**Late applications will not be entertained 

General Terms & Conditions For All INTI International Education Scholarships (“Award”)

Eligibility Requirements

  1. The INTI International Education Scholarship is open to all new international students only.
  2. Applicant must only use the latest (current year) official results to apply for INTI International Education Scholarship.
  3. Meeting the minimum criteria does not automatically guarantee the applicant a scholarship. It is subject to approval by INTI International University & Colleges.
  4. The applicant is entitled to only ONE of the scholarships tabled in this brochure.
  5. Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.
  6. Late applications will not be entertained.

Scope of Scholarship

  1. The INTI International Education Scholarship is only applicable to tuition fees (within year one of award period).
  2. The award is only valid for the programme in which the applicant has enrolled in and for the applicant’s duration of study at the INTI campuses in Malaysia. In the event the applicant changes programme or transfers to another INTI campus in Malaysia, the scholarship may be terminated, subject to the approval of INTI.
  3. The scholarship is disbursed based on the length of the semester, course load/credits/subjects.
  4. The scholarship is not applicable to Laureate English Programme tuition fees.

Non-Application of Scholarship

  1. The scholarship is NOT exchangeable for cash or other alternatives.
  2. The scholarship is exclusive of other fees and charges such as application, registration, EMGS related fees, insurance, students administrative, visa renewal, resource, assessment and franchise fees to partner universities (where applicable), all of which must be borne by the successful applicant.
  3. The scholarship is not transferable within INTI campuses which are a part of the INTI International University & Colleges network. A request for transfer is subject to the approval of INTI.
  4. The scholarship is not applicable to the applicant’s period of study at INTI overseas partner universities or participation at any Semester Abroad Program (SAP).

Obligations of the Scholarship Recipient

  1. The scholarship recipient must be enrolled as a full-time student at INTI University & Colleges and must continue to be a student at INTI for the duration of the program.
  2. Scholarship recipient must achieve and maintain the following academic requirements to continue enjoying the award:
    • Full passes in all subjects
  3. Should the recipient decide to leave their program and join other universities or colleges in Malaysia, he/she must refund all scholarship amount received under this International Education Scholarship throughout the tenure with INTI.
  4. Should the recipient withdraw from the program due to medical reasons (medical report is required as evidence), INTI may consider waiving the refund.
  5. Deferment due to medical reasons for 1 semester, the recipient shall be entitled to the same offer. However, any deferment for more than 1 semester will be subject to the availability of the offer.
  6. The scholarship recipient is responsible to
    • Make timely payment of fees in line with INTI policies and procedures, failing which INTI reserves the right to take the necessary action, including suspension and or termination of the scholarship. Reinstatement is subject to the discretion of INTI.
    • Comply with all applicable rules & regulations stipulated by INTI.
    • Maintain the required academic achievement, failing which the award may be suspended (“suspended semester”). There will be no refund of fees paid by the student for the suspended semester. The award may be reinstated for the subsequent semester provided that the award is still valid, falling which the award will be deemed TERMINATED.
    • Take part in student activities or community projects specified by INTI and where required, INTI reserve the right to involve the recipient in media activities such as interviews, advertisement, photographs or other related activities for the purpose of promoting INTI as a leading private higher education institution.
    • Contribute up to a maximum of 40 hours per year of their time to assist INTI in international office for Marketing, promotional and services activities, extracurricular activities, peer counseling and other administration work as notified by INTI (Only applicable to recipients who received a quantum of RM 5,000 and above). Failure to comply with such request without reason(s) acceptable to INTI may result in suspension or termination of the award.

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