Gawai Celebration Brings Students and Staff Together at INTI

June 11, 2012

INTI College Sarawak’s hospitality students and their peers in the student government body ignited a sunburst of colours, culture and heritage at a Gawai celebration on campus.


The joy and significance of the occasion were shared with the institution’s multiethnic staff and students, beginning with a series of traditional dances highlighting the charm and grace of the Dayak culture.

Students and staff resplendent in traditional costumes.

A range of culinary delights, including ayam pansuh cooked in bamboo, local brown rice wrapped in leaves, and tapioca leaves cooked with belacan, was prepared for an appreciative audience by hospitality students under the direction of their lecturers Chef Sebastian and Mark Kasa.


“Gawai Dayak, a time to celebrate a bountiful harvest and an opportunity for relatives and friends to meet in the true spirit of fellowship, is also a wonderful opportunity for all of us at INTI to gain an appreciation of Sarawak’s vibrant culture,” said Ivy Lau, Chief Executive and Principal of INTI College Sarawak. “Students and staff alike found the celebration on campus to be an enjoyable and enriching experience; and many, I’m sure, appreciate the importance of culture and heritage in moulding societal values and structure.”

Staff and students celebrate as one at the occasion.

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