Financial Aid Opportunities Support INTI Students to Pursue Their Passions

July 13, 2022

Getting a higher education qualification is one of the most important assets to have in today’s world, giving individuals a better chance at significantly improving their life. While tertiary education may not come cheap, financial aid can make it more affordable and can also be a deal breaker when it comes to deciding where to continue their education. Furthermore, receiving financial aid can be a motivating factor for students to earn their scroll.

INTI International College Penang offers a variety of scholarships and financial assistance programmes to potential students who are keen on furthering their education. The scholarship or financial aid awarded is not only based on students’ academic performance or outstanding achievement in certain fields, but is also determined according to the needs of students who come from different financial backgrounds.

INTI’s e-Scholarship allows INTI International College Penang Foundation in Science student Annabel Ong Xiao Xuan to concentrate more on her studies.

According to Patrick Ooi, Assistant Vice President of Sales at INTI International College Penang, various factors are taken into consideration when granting students financial aid.

“When awarding the scholarships or bursary to eligible recipients, the decision is determined by a rigorous application process and stringent criteria,” he said, adding that this is because INTI grants scholarships to hundreds of students every year.

Besides students who achieve the required academic standards and meet the entry requirements for foundation programmes, INTI accepts scholarship applicants who excel in sports, display excellent leadership skills, and also those who show potential competencies in unique fields. Students can apply using their official examination results or use their forecast results for advanced application.

Annabel Ong Xiao Xuan, who is pursuing her Foundation in Science at INTI International College Penang, pose for a selfie with friends before class.

Annabel Ong Xiao Xuan, 18, who is currently pursuing the Foundation in Science programme at INTI International College Penang, said that she first heard about the scholarship opportunity at INTI when she was in high school. Using her excellent IGCSE results, she applied for INTI’s e-scholarship which is helping her pay for her tuition fees.

“The e-scholarship allows me to focus on my studies and motivates me to challenge my limits as I strive for better results while also learning from others,” said Annabel who scored 8As in her SPM examinations.

Meanwhile, Merit Scholarship recipient Lim Ni Feih, 20, received a 100% exemption for her first-year tuition free at INTI International College Penang. The A-Level student’s excellent grades qualified her for the scholarship and continues to motivate her to do well in college in order to sustain the financial aid.

Lim Ni Feih’s outstanding academic results earned her a scholarship which lessens her family’s financial burden.

The Bachelor in Computer Science student, who is in her second semester of the programme in collaboration with Coventry University, said, “The scholarship allows me to start preparing for a career path in computer science at a college that has a conducive learning environment and wonderful facilities.” With the future heavily reliant on computers and technology, INTI’s selection of programmes support the development of skills needed in the future workplace.

Divendran A/L Gokulabalan, who is pursuing the Diploma in Culinary Arts programme, received financial support in the form of INTI Edu-Assist, a financial aid scheme. He said it has greatly contributed to lessening the financial burden of paying for his tuition fees.

“I am able to follow my passion in culinary arts at INTI International College Penang through this assistance provided by INTI. With the support of Edu-Assist, my passion can one day become a career,” said Divendran who describes his time at INTI so far as  rewarding and empowering, adding that plans to continue his degree after completing the diploma programme.

Divendran A/L Gokulabalan, a Diploma in Culinary Arts students at INTI International College Penang, is grateful for INTI’s financial assistance as it allows him to pursue his passion in culinary arts.

INTI International College Penang offers a range of scholarships and awards for deserving students and provides opportunities to those who excel in academics, as well as offer financial aid scheme to enable students to gain access to quality private higher education.