In an increasingly organic business environment characterised by end-to-end responsibility, doing a good job per se may no longer be enough. Apart from meeting quarterly targets and satisfying customers, business leaders are also judged on the supplies they use, their commitment to social responsibility and the long term benefits global communities derive from their products and services.


With so much to handle, uncertainty has never been more prevalent and a new breed of knowledge workers is required to rise to the fore. Identifying and nurturing that new breed presents another conundrum but fortunately, INTI International University’s Bachelor of International Business offers a timely solution.


Conceived by – and for – industries, INTI’s International Business course was the result of hours of roundtable discussion with leading companies including IBM and DHL. The objective was to nurture graduates who are tailor made for industries and the result is a specialised programme that caters to students who yearn for international exposure in their business education.


By international exposure, we are talking about extending a student’s global reach through INTI’s Semester Abroad Programme and overseas-based internships with multinational companies (MNCs). These elements are defining hallmarks of the courses and programmes offered by INTI and its unique position in Laureate’s global network of universities acts as the enabler.


Manivanan Saman, INTI‘s head of Business and Management Studies, explains more. “The International Business programme is the result of hard work since 2006,” he said. “Being truly international was the idea we wanted to encapsulate and this is reflected by INTI‘s Semester Abroad Programme and the emphasis on internships.


“Bringing in foreign lecturers as guests is good but anyone can do it,” he continued. “INTI students, on the other hand, have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad at other Laureate universities. And we raised the bar further with our fourth batch of International Business students by introducing international internships.”


Manivanan was referring to three INTI students who were selected for overseas-based internships in Germany, Singapore and Uganda, last year. Apart from a CV-glossing entry of working with reputable MNCs – and better internship salary – the trio will acquire invaluable experience as they witness how different cultures and work ethics influence the way business is done in other parts of the world.


Such an immersive foreign experience would give one a head start upon entry into the working world and INTI students have the unique opportunity of spending up to a year working overseas before they enter their final year of studies. Already famed for its E2E (Enrolment to Employment) programme, INTI is now targeting more MNCs and foreign companies to facilitate international internships.


Digressing to the global classroom, the INTI experience is further enhanced by the option to spend a semester abroad at other universities in the Laureate network. Now a staple of the International Business course, the internship abroad programme actually evolved from a summer school stint involving six INTI students in 2008.


“The six students went to summer school at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics,” recalled Manivanan. “The summer school was conducted by professors from the United States and Britain and students from all over the world attended. INTI‘s semester abroad programme is a standout feature as students can relate their exposure to international business.”


Apart from studying, the six INTI students found time for recreational activities and they experienced the intensity of the Pudong financial district for themselves. They returned head and shoulders above their peers and they were promptly snapped up by MNCs after they graduated. Their success inspired others and to date, International Business students have spent semesters at British, Dutch, German and Swedish universities.


To prepare for their global stint, International Business students are required to pick up a foreign language which is frequently used in business circles like French, German, Japanese, Mandarin or Spanish. And this was not planned with just a semester in mind. Being proficient in another global language would give students the advantage as far as an international career is concerned.


One INTI student who brushed up in German is 20-year-old Tan Kay Pau, who is now spending a semester at the Business Information and Technology School (BiTS) in Iserlohn, Germany. Tan is one of the pioneers of the INTI Semester Abroad Programme.

  Tan Kay Pau is ready to take on the world, beginning with Iserlohn, Germany.

I learned basic German through the Communicative Foreign Language course offered by INTI, in preparation for my stint in Germany. It helped tremendously during my early days in Iserlohn and BiTS. There is a Survival German class on offer currently and I am in it to strengthen my command of the language,” he said.


Certain that INTI‘s International Business is the right course for him, Tan asserted that he has gained both the theoretical and practical aspects of global entrepreneurship, along with equally important communication and administrative skills. Armed with a solid foundation and international exposure, Tan is confident that he is ready to take on the world.


Designed to produce highly employable graduates, INTI‘s International Business programme addresses the relevant areas required by today’s businesses. Graduate employability is the programme’s core focus and students will receive dual awards – from INTI and the University of Hertfordshire – when they graduate.


INTI enjoys the benefits of being part of a global network as a result of the synergy with Laureate International Universities – the world’s leading provider of private international education. Students will not only benefit from the years of experience and strong track record that INTI offers, but also gain from the resources that Laureate provides. Laureate is present in over 24 countries, and serves more than 600,000 students globally.

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