A Key to Sustainability INTI Student Transforms Access Control with NFC

October 10, 2023

Imagine reaching for your smartphone, tapping it against a door, and watching it swing open – it’s reminiscent of a scene from a sci-fi blockbuster. Yet, this is now closer to reality, thanks to the innovative efforts of Ryan Tan Khye, a student from the 3+0 Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering program at INTI International College Penang, in collaboration with Coventry University, United Kingdom.

Ryan recently clinched the First Runner-Up title at the Oppstar Innovation Challenge 2023. However, it’s his project, “Near Field Communication (NFC) Access System for Shared Office Workspace using Host Card Emulation Based (HCE) App and ESP 32 Module,” that truly captured attention. This project resonated with the judges during the challenge and aligned perfectly with the event’s theme of leveraging technology to enhance daily life. It represents a blend of advanced technology and a dedication to sustainable development.

(Right) Ryan Tan Khye emerged as the first runner-up at the Oppstar Innovation Challenge, showcasing his passion for engineering and innovation.

In a world where technology continually reshapes our existence, Ryan’s NFC Access System emerges as a pioneering innovation. It has the potential to revolutionise access control and simultaneously address four sustainable development goals (SDGs): Responsible Consumption and Production (Goal 12), Affordable and Clean Energy (Goal 7), Sustainable Cities and Communities, and Reducing Inequalities (Goal 10) to foster inclusivity and accessibility.

Ryan Tan Khye, an engineering student from INTI International College Penang’s School of Engineering and Technology (SOET), presented his innovation project titled “Near Field Communication (NFC) Access System for Shared Office Workspace using Host Card Emulation-Based (HCE) App and ESP 32 Module” at INTI Penang’s Industry Networking Session.

Ryan’s journey isn’t merely about accolades. It’s a testament to how innovation can catalyse societal progress. He envisions the NFC Access System widely adopted in shared workspaces, educational institutions, and more.

In an interview, Ryan shared his enthusiasm for sustainability and technology: “I firmly believe that innovation should serve a higher purpose. In this instance, it’s about fostering a sustainable world while enhancing access control.”
As technology progresses, young visionaries like Ryan Tan Khye lead the way, sculpting a future that’s sustainable, interconnected, and universally accessible.

Following some charity work at St. Nicholas’ Home in Penang, Ryan Tan Khye (third from left) and his classmates converted physical books into audiobooks, which they donated to the visually impaired.

Mr. Teo Chong Yaw, a senior lecturer from INTI International College Penang’s School of Engineering and Technology (SOET), praised Ryan’s innovative endeavours. He emphasised that Ryan’s projects epitomise the blend of creativity, technical prowess, and the spirit of discovery fostered within INTI’s engineering program.

Ryan is an active member of INTI Penang’s Engineering Club.

“These successes highlight the tangible impact that emerging technologies can impart on our lives and industries. By tackling pressing challenges with inventive solutions, they’re shaping the engineering landscape and propelling societal progress,” he remarked.