• Curriculum developed in collaboration with leading industry partners like IBM, CISCO, SAP, and LINUX
  • Internships & industry projects with international technology companies
  • Strong focus on the practical application of skills and knowledge to enable students to be employable upon graduation
  • Industry Advisory Board consisting of companies such as IBM, Dell, and British Telecom
  • Prestigious international partners from Coventry University, UK & University of Wollongong, Australia


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Why Computing & I.T. Programme at INTI?

Industry Ready Training

Recent developments in technology and the knowledge-based economy have prompted addition of modules that support E-Commerce Online Businesses, Specialisation in Network Security, and the usage, implementation and application of Big Data, in particular, for business intelligence. Strong tradition of internship with leading technology companies like Sony, Ricoh, Western Digital, Unisem, On Semiconductor, Profitera help provide invaluable workplace experiences to be job-ready.

Constant Skills Enhancement

Regular workshops allow INTI to impart skill sets such as creation of mobile Apps, Android development, PC Hardware Troubleshooting and introduction to Operating System Modules from SUSE LINUX.

CISCO Academy

INTI is the only private academic institution with curriculum integrated with CISCO Academy to be CNNA/Cisco certified upon graduation.

International Expertise & Collaboration

Regular lectures by visiting professors, industry professionals and guest lecturers to expose students to current industry practice, real-world scenarios and technologies to stay abreast of the latest changes in I.T. Visiting lecturers facilitate in and outbound study tours as well as transnational projects with leading companies such as IBM and Dell.

Regular Exposure to World-Class Competitions

In 2016, INTI’s Computer Science students took part in a 24-hour hackathon session organized by iFlix Malaysia and finished Second Runner and was awarded Best Student Team.

In 2015, student teams from INTI took part in the AppAsia Mobile App Challenge which saw them applying their ingenuity, creativity and knowledge to create original mobile applications.


Computing and I.T. have become an intrinsic part of everything we do. If you consider the way we communicate, socialise, do business or simply go about our daily lives, it's easy to appreciate the benefits - and importance - of technology.

As innovations continue to increase and evolve, more and more I.T. professionals are needed. Career opportunities in the tech world are without limits. You can contribute in many areas, while making your own work meaningful and rewarding, wherever you choose to be.

If you have an interest for solving multi-dimensional problems requiring imagination and solid technical knowledge, we can help you build your future in this well-paying field. read more


Acquire highly employable skills through our industry-specific curriculum. INTI works with the best I.T. providers, giving you access to leading-edge technologies, expertise and professional certification content. You will be well prepared even before you graduate.

Career development
At INTI, we put you at the centre of our high quality learning experiences. The curriculum is designed to nurture innovative ideas and a global mindset, using "Project-based Learning" and "Problem-based Learning" approaches.

You will work on projects designed to cultivate skills for problem-solving, analysis, communication, teamwork and project management. During these activities, you will design solutions and enhance collaborations. This prepares you for employment and a lifetime of learning.

Exposure to the latest innovations
By taking part in ICT events and I.T.-related competitions organised or endorsed by the Malaysia Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), you get to challenge yourself, enhance your creativity and nurture your mind to be a skilled I.T. professional. This is in line with the Government's vision of transforming Malaysia into a knowledge-based economy.

Partnership with Coventry University
Our Computing & I.T. programmes are offered in collaboration with and validated by the Coventry University, UK.

Real industry training
The INTI Internship programme provides invaluable workplace experience that prepares you for employment when you graduate. Past INTI students have interned at multinational companies like SONY, Ricoh, Advanced Micro Devices Global Services, Western Digital, Unisem, Samsung, ON Semiconductor, Profi tera, PricewaterhouseCoopers and more.


INTI International University and IBM Malaysia have forged an alliance based on IBM's Software Career Training (SCT) programme, making INTI the first private university in Malaysia to become an IBM Education Partner. If you pursue a Masters or Degree programme at INTI, you can access resources, leading edge technologies, best practices and business solutions from IBM, one of the world's top technology companies.

IBM's SCT programme will help you understand I.T. infrastructure like Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and all the latest technologies from IBM's software offerings. You will graduate with a high quality and recognised Malaysian qualification from INTI as well as an international IBM professional certification, giving you an edge in the job market.

INTI International University has worked alongside Cisco Networking Academy since 2006. By incorporating the CCNA and CCNA Wireless syllabus into our degree programme, we ensure you have the skills to design and manage medium-sized networks. It also presents a path for advancement in professional certifications like CCNP and CCIE, making you a target for employers.

SUSE is the leading provider of Linux enterprise solutions. Linux is the most interoperable platform for mission-critical computing, enabling thousands of organisations around the world to confidently deliver computing services across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

As an appointed Novell Academic Training Partner (NATP), INTI International University will embed the Novell Linux certification curriculum into our courses and students who enroll for these modules will be able to sit for Novell Certified Linux certifications awarded by Novell, USA.

A special hosting service allows you to access SAP systems for hands-on learning experience under a free software license. And to keep pace with evolving tech trends, train-the-trainer faculty workshops ensure your lecturers always have the most current SAP knowledge.

You will benefit from SAP's technical expertise as well as its knowledge of integrated business processes and industry best practices. You also gain industry exposure with SAP's customers and partners via internships and industry projects. This gives you more professional value for the workforce.


We regularly invite renowned professors and lecturers from our partner universities and the Laureate network to share their wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience with INTI students. Through them, students can gain international industry insights and global awareness.

"The forum made me see things in a different light. People are often afraid of doing what others deem as abnormal or unusual because of a fear of being judged. Throughout the forum, from all the amazing speakers, I have learned that judgement proves that you are actually doing something that others don't dare to, and that is essentially what being an innovator means." - Nico Mulyawan , a Master in Business Information Technology student, who represented INTI at the World Innovation Forum in Mexico

IBM dW Live on IBM Campus - Worklight

At this event, students learn to develop and manage Mobile Applications with IBM Worklight. This event highlights how:

  • IBM brings together key mobile capabilities into a single integrated package that addresses a full array of challenges and opportunities, including mobile application development, application connectivity and management.
  • IBM Worklight is used to develop, test and deploy cross-platform mobile applications.

In recent years, over 80 top corporations have come onboard this unique INTI initiative. These projects enable our students to work on real business issues, giving them a deeper immersion into the field of their choice.