Student Exchange Visit Guangzhou Urban Construction Vocational College

On the 7th July 2023 INTI International University had the pleasure to host 60 students and lecturers from Guangzhou Urban Construction Vocational College for a ten day international student exchange study and cultural tour.

Guangzhou Urban Construction Vocational College is a fill time private higher vocational college of science and engineering which is located in Conghua District, Guangzhou City ,with nearly 20,000 full time students.

This student exchange study tour was highly valued by the leadership of both INTI International University and Guangzhou Urban Construction Vocational College. The leadership team of Guangzhou Urban Construction Vocational College visited in person consisting of : Professor Chen, Director of the Foreign Affairs Office (International Exchange Center) of Guangzhou Urban Construction Vocational College, Professor Xie, Consultant of the Foreign Affairs Office, Professor Huang, Dean of the School of Sports and Health, Professor Pan, Director of the Employment and Entrepreneurship Department, Guangzhou Proficient Education Investment Ms. Liu, CFO of the Co., Ltd., Professor Jiang, Deputy Director of the Modern Construction Technology Vocational Skills Public Training Center and Mr. Kuang from the Foreign Affairs Office. After the opening ceremony leaders from both institutions enthusiastically discussed the future direction of cooperation and collaboration between their institutions to build on further international exchanges and cooperation.

During the week the students participated in a number of workshops having the opportunity to visit historical and cultural towns in and around the University campus.  Some of the workshops conducted for the exchange students included a 3D Study Workshop, Mass Communication Workshop, Business Workshop, Malay Language Workshop, IT Workshop, Traditional Music Instrument Class and Traditional Dance classes which served to expose students not only to learning new skills but also learning within different environments and engaging with their peers. Cultural experiences included a day trip to Malacca – a UNESCO World Heritage City and a one day tour of Kuala Lumpur & Putrajaya the administrative capital of Malaysia.

The student exchange visit to INTI International University proved to be a great success and effectively enhanced and broadened both the lecturers and students’ experience of cross-cultural learning which served to enhance language proficiency and teamwork with fellow peers. This cultural exchange not only allowed participants to engage within different learning environments with their peers but also provided them with multi-racial, multi-ethic and multi-cultural experiences and opportunities to engage with other international students thus enriching their own personal knowledge and cultural experiences. This has provided a strong foundation for further cooperation and collaboration between both institutions.