A Transformative Learning Experience: Tongren Vocational College Students’ Study Tour in Malaysia

In a bid to broaden their horizons and embrace a new cultural experience, a group of 19 enthusiastic students from Tongren Vocational College embarked on a two-week study tour at INTI International University in Malaysia. This journey not only enhanced their academic prowess but also expanded their understanding of diverse cultures and perspectives.

The study tour kicked off with a warm welcome from the CEO of INTI International University Malaysia, Mr. Chong Kok Wai. Addressing the students, he encouraged them to shed their old habits, embrace new experiences, step out of their comfort zones, and wholeheartedly adapt to the new environment. This message resonated deeply with the students, setting a tone of open-mindedness and receptivity for the rest of their trip.

During their stay, the students were introduced to the history and achievements of Tongren Vocational College’s international education initiatives by Wen Chengxiang. This was also an opportunity for them to express their gratitude for the meticulous arrangements made by INTI International University Malaysia.

One of the highlights of the tour was the students’ interaction with foreign academicians at INTI International University. Notably, they engaged confidently in English conversations and actively participated in group discussions. This exposure not only improved their language skills but also fostered cross-cultural communication abilities.

The students were full of praise for the lecturers at INTI International University, describing them as humble and classes as relaxed. The high level of participation fostered a conducive learning environment, leading to an enriching educational experience.

The study tour concluded on a high note with a visit to the Top Glove Tower, providing students with insights into Malaysia’s vibrant industries. This exposure to real-world applications of their studies left a lasting impact on the participants.

INTI International University expressed its delight in hosting the students from Tongren Vocational College. The fruitful exchange of knowledge and experiences between the two institutions signifies the importance of international collaboration in education.

In a world where intercultural competence is increasingly vital, the study tour to INTI International University in Malaysia provided Tongren Vocational College students with an invaluable opportunity to expand their academic and cultural horizons. This journey not only enriched their academic pursuits but also left them with cherished memories of a transformative experience.