MOOC Course
Creating your own Videos on your Computer!
🎯 : MOOC1101
In this training courses, you will learn about Open Broadcast Studio (OBS) and Animaker. OBS is a semi-professional screen recording with webcam software which is highly versatile and free to use, whereas, Animaker is an easy to use, free-plan video making web programme that brings studio quality presentations. This training will guide you in setting up and using OBS as well as creating your very own animated videos.

📄 MCC1101 Course Details         

🎥 OBS Training         🎥 Creating Animation with Animaker        
📜 E-Certificate        

Teaching & Learning : Student Engagement
🎯 : MOOC1102
This training course is a combination of 4 short videos on various ways of engaging students. These include videos on how to engage students effectively in the classroom using active learning strategies; use of basic technology like quizziz, power point slides and focus group discussion; understanding Asian cuspers and pure Gen Zs, as well as delving into their learning preferences and styles; and essential elements to facilitate successful educational experiences in a virtual or non-virtual learning environment.

📄 MOOC1102 Course Details         

🎥 Engaging Students using Active Learning Strategies         🎥 Engaging Millennials in Content Writing         🎥 Understanding Gen Z         🎥 Engaging Students via Community of Inquiry Framework        
📜 E-Certificate         

Teaching & Learning : Counselling Skills
🎯 : MOOC1103
This training course contains two videos relevant to counselling. The Conflict and Resolution course explains how conflict occurs and how we resolve it. It addresses conflict among students, among lecturers and also between students and lecturers. The Counselling Ideas for Building Resilience course describes the work of a counsellor in order to develop an understanding of the counselling process. It touches on the ethics of a counsellor and the value it brings to the practice of counsellors.

📄 MOOC1103 Course Details         

🎥 Conflict and Resolution         🎥 Counselling Ideas for Building Resilience        
📜 E-Certificate         

Research Skills: Publishing your Paper
🎯 : MOOC1104
Publishing your work in academic journals is important. The publication ensures the distribution of knowledge and reflects the growth of academic capacity. Publishing your work in Scopus indexed journal is important to reflect the quality of our research. In this course, the things you can do to publish your work in high quality journals are discussed. Through this session, you will be able to prepare a paper for the publication in an academic journal.

📄 MOOC1104 Course Details         

🎥 Publishing your work in high quality journals          🎥 How to prepare a paper from your thesis         🎥 Publishing your work in Scopus indexed journals          🎥 Things to know for your first paper publication        
📜 E-Certificate         

Occupational Safey and Health (OSH)
🎯 : MOOC1105
This training course is designed to help you learn more about increasing safety awareness and caring for your health by understanding proper posture. The training videos include the importance of Safe Chemical Handling and ergonomics when working on a laptop or computer .

📄 MOOC1105 Course Details         

🎥 Occupational Safety & Health Awareness          🎥 Workstation Ergonomics - General health and physiotherapy         🎥 Safe Chemical Handling         
📜 E-Certificate         

Guide to Internet of Things (IOT)
🎯 : MOOC1106
This course describes the Internet of Things (IoT) technology and its applications. Part 1 of the training video covers IoT Overview, IoT Main Components, IoT Architecture, IoT Technology and Protocol, IoT Hardware & Software, IoT Applications, and IoT Analytics. Part 2 of the training covers the implementation of IoT using Raspberry Pi. Starting with hardware component details, configuring Raspberry Pi and installation of the operating system. This training includes the example of IoT application using Light Sensor with Python codes.

📄 MOOC1106 Course Details         

🎥 IOT : Part One – Introduction and Theory          🎥 IOT: Part Two - Practical aspect        
📜 E-Certificate         

Guide to Big Data
🎯 : MOOC1107
Big data has emerged as one of the popular topics among organizations due to the increasing volume of data collected every day. This training aims to provide an introduction to big data, its characteristics, data types and real life case studies to help trainees to get an overview of the possibilities of big data leveraged in the industries.

📄 MOOC1107 Course Details         

🎥 Introduction to Big Data          🎥 Practical Aspect        
📜 E-Certificate