In Pursuit for Academic Excellence

With the notion that the journey of academic inquiry is to develop critical thinking skills and to learn how major disciplines explain phenomena and find solutions to issues of the nature or the society, it is important to cultivate curious, life-long learners who are interested in important and meaningful questions and able to understand and evaluate knowledge claims from a variety of perspectives.

Taking on the challenge of being the basis for and driver of development of mankind, a university gathers people with different backgrounds in terms of needs, skills, talents, status, competencies, knowledge, behavioral styles, interest and perceptions with the aim to explore new territory and to learn from these explorations.

The 360┬░Network of INTI International University intends to bring together effort and outputs in our pursuit for academic excellence from different angles and from multiple facets comprising our research, teaching and learning activities.

The adoption of the 360┬░ approach is also to reflect the need for professionals, teachers and students across various domains to interact with each other and the prominence of gathering feedback and opinion from various stakeholders, both internal and external, on what we do and how we are doing.


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Our People

The quality of our people is the asset of INTI and we value the knowledge, ideas and skills that our diverse and dynamic community that distinguishes ourselves from others.
With the belief that talent and human capital development is fundamental to future developments, our students and staff are provided with ample opportunities thru the 360° Network with trainings and workshops to nurture and develop so they can make a difference in the industry.


Our Activities

The activities of INTI are for our students and staff as well as academics from around the world, executives and companies that support delivery and development of our programs.
With the unique programmatic initiatives, scholarship and events of the 360°Network, our commitment is to equip our staff, students and affiliates with desirable exposures and skills to grow continuously and, quite possibly, to change the lives of those in need and our own as well.


Our Role

The education of future generation is the primary role of an institution of higher learning and we, at INTI, recognize the importance of the connecting and sharing with various stakeholders.
With the objective to provide opportunities that lead to positive, constructive change and life-long learning, we wish to offer a welcoming, supportive and nurturing environment thru the 360°Network and we strive to invest whatever we do with excellence and high expectations.