INTI International University’s Career Services Hosts Successful INTI Leadership Series with Mr. Yoon Siew Fei, Chief Human Resources Officer of Hartalega

INTI International University’s Career Services department proudly organized the esteemed INTI Leadership Series, featuring Mr. Yoon Siew Fei, the distinguished Chief Human Resources Officer of Hartalega. The event, held on March 12th, garnered significant attention from students, faculty, and professionals alike.

Mr. Yoon’s captivating discourse, titled ‘Leading the Future: Essential Skills for Tomorrow’s Workforce,’ provided profound insights into the challenges awaiting future leaders in the dynamic landscape of the professional world. With a focus on cultivating effective leadership, Mr. Yoon underscored the indispensable skills requisite for navigating the complexities of tomorrow’s workplace.

Throughout his presentation, Mr. Yoon delved into various facets of leadership, offering invaluable perspectives on adaptability, innovation, and resilience. He elucidated on the evolving demands of leadership roles and elucidated the essential competencies vital for steering organizations towards success in an ever-changing environment.

Furthermore, Mr. Yoon shed light on Hartalega’s innovative Talent Management Framework, elucidating its pivotal role in nurturing and empowering employees to overcome the multifaceted challenges inherent in contemporary workplaces. His elucidation of practical strategies and approaches garnered admiration and sparked inspiration among attendees.

The INTI Leadership Series serves as a testament to INTI International University’s unwavering commitment to providing its students and the broader community with enriching opportunities for professional development and growth. Through initiatives such as this, the university continues to foster a conducive environment for the exchange of knowledge and expertise, equipping aspiring leaders with the tools necessary to thrive in the global arena.