Congratulations to INTI International University’s Volleyball Team for their Victory at INTER_UNIVERSITY Sports Olympiad 2024

INTI International University proudly extends its warmest congratulations to the dedicated members of its Volleyball Team for their outstanding victory at the INTER_UNIVERSITY Sports Olympiad 2024. The event was hosted collaboratively by the Student Associations of the University of Southampton Malaysia and Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia.

The triumph of the INTI Volleyball Team is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and exceptional sportsmanship. Their unwavering commitment to excellence has brought honor and glory to the university, reaffirming its position as a powerhouse in sports competitions.

A resounding applause is extended to each member of the winning team:

  • Ho Guan You (Captain)
  • Yong Yi Heng
  • Lee Cheng Heng
  • Foong Siew Hong
  • Siew Jen-Shawn
  • Ho Guan You
  • Kuah Zhun Seong
  • Uemura Mayu
  • Kanako Yamaguchi
  • Fua Zi Qiang

Their collective efforts, skill, and teamwork have not only secured victory but also inspired fellow students and athletes across the university community.

INTI International University takes immense pride in the achievements of its athletes and remains committed to nurturing sporting talent and promoting a culture of excellence both on and off the field.