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Communication, deals with communication today and in the past, focusing on language related to aspects of communication such as the news and media, photography, and ways in which people communicate through social media, mobile phones, messaging and text.

Feelings, deals with feeling good and looking good, focusing on language related to feelings and emotions, challenges and experiences, stress, body language, money and happiness, and how the clothes we wear influence others' perception of us.

Work and Study, deals with learning for life and the world of work, focusing on language related to education, schooling, university and student life, learning subjects, working conditions, careers, earnings, and emotional intelligence.

Science, deals with discoveries and inventions, and inner and outer space, focusing on language related to science awards, technology and innovation, teleportation, the brain, virtual reality, skills, artificial intelligence, science-fiction and space travel.

Art and Leisure, deals with the arts and hobbies and interests, focusing on language related to colour, fashion, decor, culture and historical sites, national art, 3-D printing, the cost of art, work and casual clothng, reading for pleasure, toys and games, musical tastes and video games.