The cornerstone of INTI’s world-class learning methodology is the Blackboard Learning Management System that is integrated into many programmes taught at INTI.

With Blackboard, learning does not only happen in the classroom, it happens everywhere.

Effective Online Learning for a New Age

Blackboard isn’t just about reading course notes. It’s a holistic, integrated system to collaborate and interact with fellow students and lecturers.

Students can offer and gain feedback from their peers on coursework and perform self-assessments while learning in a safe, nurturing and holistic environment that encourages creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Interactive classes

Classes become active forums to interact and grow as students share knowledge and collaborate with their peers. This personalised, interactive approach to learning results in well-rounded, highly motivated individuals who gain critical thinking skills and the motivation to give them an extra edge in the global workforce.

Measurable Assessments

Students enrolled at INTI gain a bird’s eye view and are able to develop a road map for their academic progress through INTI’s revolutionary Blackboard system which allow course supervisors to monitor every aspect of a student’s performance from their attendance to the quality of their coursework and much more.

Course supervisors are also able to actively monitor, advise and pinpoint areas for improvement and offer consistent feedback to ensure students can address the weaknesses in their academic performance. This directly impacts student success and ensures better student outcomes.

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