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Extra-Curricular Activities
Students who love sports can involve themselves in the wide range of extra-curricular activities which are available at INTI. In addition to having fun, students can also learn organisational skills, develop leadership qualities and other necessary soft skills which will be useful in the real world. Activities ranging from indoor to outdoor activities, cultural, social, religious and adventure clubs will enable students to mingle and work together in teams.
Clubs /
At INTI we believe that students should be all-rounded and be exposed. We have a huge selection of clubs and societies that you can get involved in. Check out the list below:
Music / Dance
24 Festive Drums
Dance Academy Club
Dragon Lion Dance Club
INTI Concert Band
INTI Music & Performing
Arts Club
Student Bodies
AUP Club
House of Commerce
Institution of Engineering & Technology
International Student Society
Peer Support Group
Student Action Club
LEO Club
Badminton Club
Basketball Club
Bowling Club
Chess Challenge Club
Chinese Kick Boxing
Futsal Club
Handball Club
Life Saving & Swimming Club
Skate Club
Squash Club
Table Tennis Club
Tennis Club
Ultimate Frisbee Club
Volleyball Club
Buddhist Society
INTI Christian Fellowship
Muslim Students Society
Martial Arts
Aikido Club
Nunchaku Club
Taekwondo Club
International Shorin-Ryu
Seibukan Karate Association
General / Academic
Biz Club
Civil Engineering Club
Green Knights
INTI Computer Club
Law Society
Life Sciences Club
Mass Communications
Club & Vybes
Mechanical Engineering
Pharmacy Club
Physiotherapy Club
Quantity Surveying Club
Social Board
Sociology and Philosophy
Special Interest
Astronomy Club
Debate Society
Drama Club
INTI Rovers
Manga, Anime, Games Club
Photography Club
Traditional Chinese
Medicine Club
INTI Movie Making Club
Chinese Cultural Society
Indian Cultural Society
Korea Culture Society
Malay Cultural Society
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Route Days Departure Times
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