Raising the Bar of Excellence

The art of winning your case in court is much more than just persuasive reasoning or argument. It requires attention to every single detail, analytical thinking and seeing beyond the problem. More than the adrenaline, you will learn that studying Law sharpens your ability to analyse, negotiate and communicate with people from all walks of life. These are invaluable skills, not just in the legal line, but also in a myriad of other fields.

Consequently, many law graduates have found career success in business, arts, science, education, and the public sector. Whichever industry you finally choose, you will always enjoy the distinct advantage of being an INTI Law graduate.


Nothing should stand between you and your passion. At INTI, you can focus on things that matter to you, pursue an education with your dream in mind, and create the future you desire.

With us, you will learn more than just evaluating information and presenting arguments. You will also learn how to apply the law and uphold justice, serve people in their best legal interests and be a world-class lawyer.

Get ready to win the world.

Achievement-Oriented Education

  • Our programme aims to nurture World-Class graduates, not just locally, but also overseas at various UK partner universities.
  • We have INTI students achieving an overall First-Class degree at the University of Liverpool and was offered scholarships to pursue their Master of Law programme at the prestigious University of Cambridge.
Excellent Academic Standards

  • The curriculum and assessment are subject to the strict quality control of syllabus and assessment by the University of Leeds, a reputable university in the UK.
  • Our lecturers are highly professional and dedicated with strong academic and industry backgrounds.
Comprehensive Learning and Training

  • Syllabus includes moots, client conferencing and debates, publication of the Law Rivista, interactive seminars and practical case studies to build a solid foundation in the legal career.
  • Opportunity for practical training at reputable legal firm, legal aid centre or a corporate legal department.
  • Bi-annual legal workshops and guest lectures conducted by the industry and partner university representatives such as University of Leeds, University of Liverpool, Cardiff University, University of the West England, Northumbria University and more.
  • Field trips providing exposure to the industry
Prestigious Partner Universities

  • You can choose to complete your law degree at one of our renowned partner universities in the United Kingdom (UK) and Australia, such as the University of Manchester, the University of Leeds, the University of Liverpool and Cardiff University on a 1+2, 2+1 or 2+2 arrangement
  • All qualifications are recognised by the Bar Standards Board in the UK as well as the Legal Profession Qualifying Board of Malaysia, which conducts the Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP) examination.

Programmes Offered

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