English Improvement Programme

INTI College Sabah: KP/JPS (KKP0120)12/2014
The sole purpose of our English Improvement Programme is to enhance your English language proficiency prior to your advancement into undergraduate programmes.

Our programme serves to improve your English language skills through the teaching of grammar, reading of passages, speaking /listening activities, vocabulary exercises, and simple writing tasks.

  • We will assess your English proficiency via an English Placement Test
  • This course facilitates students with the four language skills and grammar structures through meaningful and interesting situations and activities
  • Partnership with Cambridge University Press, Cambridge ESOL and Bell Educational Trust
  • Wide learning communities in collaboration with students in Laureate universities network
  • Experienced and Trained ELT teachers
  • Complete learning experience with blended online learning
Programme Duration
15 weeks per semester
(One Level)
Campuses & Intakes
INTI College Sabah
  • January
  • April
  • August
Fees Summary
INTI College Sabah
Local Students
Download complete Estimated Fee Structure here.
Total Estimated Fees (RM)
INTI College Sabah
International Students
Download complete International Students Estimated Fee Structure here.
Approximate Total Fee (USD)

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