Health Sciences

As world technology advances, so too does the world of Healthcare. This is due to key discoveries made with the help of new equipment and research material. This growth has opened up more opportunities and created new key roles in the Healthcare sector.

Our Health Sciences programmes helps prepare you to take up those roles. We cover a range in our curriculum that includes diagnostic, technical, therapeutic and direct patient care and support services.

You will be equipped with knowledge and skills to offer services that are critical to the other health professionals you work with and the patients you serve.


We aim to produce competent and industry-ready professionals through our programmes that include: Physiotherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Apart from all the benefits of our International network, our edge in Health Sciences comprises the following:

Comprehensive clinical exposure

You’ll have over 1,200 hours of clinical training to be familiarised with the clinical environment by the time you graduate. Through practical experience, you will improve your understanding and skills in providing holistic care to patients.

Individual career development

Besides highly qualified lecturers with in-depth knowledge, we also bring in top industry practitioners and experts to help you excel at your profession. We also help with clinical placements at leading private and public hospitals all over Malaysia.

World-class learning environment

Get the best hands-on training in our state-of-the-art labs, where the student equipment ratio is 1:1-5. Our lecturer-student ratio is 1:5-10, which encourages interaction and enables lecturers to give more attention to your progress.

Student-centered learning

Innovative techniques are part of your learning process. Methods like blended learning, problem based lessons and peer-assisted study sessions are all part of your programme to help you learn more effectively.


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