Master of Business Administration (MBA) Learning Simplified

INTI International University: KPT/JPT(N/340/7/0518)03/2020 - MQA/FA4572
  • Pursuing an MBA doesn’t have to be this hard..

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    You have a MENTOR who will look out for you.

    "It's been a while since I left school!"

    The course only costs RM1,000/month for 2 years, and is cheaper if you apply for a bursary.

    "Times are bad, cost of living is going up, GST - I don't have enough money."

    This product is built around your lifestyle, so there is little need to travel

    "Aiyah, your location is inconvenient."

    Exams are only 10% of the programme*

    * 6 out of 13 modules will have a 20% final exam

    "I don't like exams."

    You only need 1 hour a day for the next 2 years to get an MBA.

    "I don't have the time, very busy, course workload is heavy"

    All our MBA faculty have work experience. It's not just theory, they walk the talk.

    "I'm already working. I don't need an MBA. What more can I learn?"

    Master of Business Administration (MBA) Learning Simplified - Flexible at your own pace with a mentor to look out for you, designed to suit your hectic lifestyle with focus on strategic analysis, decision making and appreciation of global changes.
  • Programme Structure

    12 Core Modules
    • Business Accounting & Finance
    • Business Economics
    • Business Ethics and Law
    • Business Research Methods
    • Marketing Management
    • Strategic Human Resource Management
    • Issues in Global Business
    • Managing Information Systems
    • Managing Organisations
    • Operations Management
    • Statistics and Decision Analysis
    • Strategic Management

    1 Project /
    1 Dissertation

    Entry Requirements

    A Bachelor's degree with minimum CGPA of 2.5.
    No prior work experience needed OR
    A Bachelor degree with CGPA below 2.5 AND minimum 5 years work experience OR
    STPM / Diploma or equivalent via APEL
    English Requirements

    SPM/UEC minimum pass in English
  • How to Finance Your Studies?

    Cost of MBA
    MOE MyBrain15, MyMaster Scholarship
    Total Payable Fees

    Financial Options Available

    Employees Provident Fund (Account II) Withdrawal Scheme for Education
    Monthly Payment Plan
    HRDF Claimable
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