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Intro INTI’s collaboration with IBM GDC started in early 2013 following discussions to foster innovative solutions for talent sourcing and retention, and specifically on how IBM GDC could attract non-ICT talent to join IBM’s workforce. During the course of the discussions an employer project was forged and the main objective was for INTI’s student project teams to study IBM’s talent branding appeal among the non-ICT graduates and review and assess the on-boarding strategy process for both fresh graduates and experienced hires. After formulating the project specifications two classes of students conducted research and analysis of IBM’s existing recruitment methods and provided strategic recommendations via presentations to IBM. Partner’s comment
“Your students exceeded my expectations. I was really touched by their thoughtful analysis and recommendations. It was gratifying to see the students take a business problem, do thorough research, use analytical techniques and make recommendations that would be beneficial to any company trying to solve their talent needs. Through your personal dedication, leadership, coaching and mentorship, your students produced a meaningful product that solidifies my belief that there is ample talent in Malaysia. Congratulations – you should be very proud. Our challenge is to harness that talent, develop it and help Malaysia achieve their Strategic Objectives. We have a lot of exciting work ahead of us. INTI has given us a roadmap for success. It is now incumbent on us to execute and execute with speed.”- Craig Tucker, Director, IBM GDC
Case study
  • Project: IBM’s Talent Branding Appeal among Non-ICT Graduates and On-boarding Strategy to Attract and Retain Non-ICT Talent in IBM GDC
  • Course: MGT418 Contemporary Personnel Perspective and HRM467 Training and Development
  • School: School of Business
  • No. of students: 51
  • Lecturers: Kannaki S. Narayansany, Ihsan Mahmood and Cetha Achutan Nair
  • Duration: 7 May – 8 July 2013
The Challenge How does an IT company attract non-ICT graduates to join its organisation? More IT-related work than graduates available Despite over 13,000 IT students graduating every year, there remains a serious gap in the industry – there is actually more IT-related work available in the market than there are IT graduates. Therefore, IT companies like IBM GDC are now looking beyond IT graduates to fill that void. The question is, how? In teams of 8 to 10, the students focused on one of the five key areas: brand appeal, career development, job match, job design and benefits, and compensation. They collated Human Resource Management information from various source materials and presented strategic recommendations to a panel of judges represented by key personnel from IBM and INTI. High praise from IBM GDC Chris Tucker, who was one of the main judges during the students’ presentation, was very impressed with the students’ recommendations. He noted they had researched real-world issues like work-life balance, flexibility, career growth, public transport infrastructure, housing, accessibility and amenities. Their recommendations would improve its brand positioning among non-ICT graduates and at the same time, offer concrete ideas on how attract them. As for the students, the collaborative research experience was invaluable, as they gained the opportunity to present their ideas in a business style setting. In return for their efforts, Tucker selected the best student team to co-present with IBM GDC their findings on Gen-Y recruitment strategies to the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDEC), TalentCorp and InvestKL, with the aim to help them find strategic solutions for recruiting talent.

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