INTI Employer Project

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INTI’s close ties with industry mean that our students have the opportunity to work on projects that may have actual and immediate impact on participating companies. Real case studies and industry-relevant problems from employers are resolved by teams of students. These projects enable students to develop employability and soft skills, which include creativity, communication, critical thinking and collaboration. Upon graduation, our students would have real experience in handling a portfolio of projects, which gives them an edge in securing their first jobs. Thanks to these projects, INTI graduates earn the highest average first job salaries in Malaysia with 96% of them being employed within 12 months of graduation (INTI Graduate Employability Survey 2014, by Millward Brown). INTI has worked with 202 employers from all major industries and 8,000 of our students have completed 296 employer projects over the last three years. List of Employer Projects:

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