INTI’s Outstanding Alumni Awards

Join us in our search to discover and recognize INTI’s shining stars from 1987 to 2022 as part of our 36th Anniversary celebration!

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For 36 years, INTI has been at the forefront of education excellence with a track record of over 100,000 graduates to date. From a small building in Brickfields with a group of 37 students, INTI has now grown into an international education institution with three branch campuses nationwide serving over 14,000 students across Malaysia.

In conjunction with INTI’s 36th year anniversary and in anticipation of our Alumni Homecoming Luncheon cum INTI Olympic Day, we are recognizing some of our star alumni from over the past 36 years!

About the Outstanding Alumni Awards

The Outstanding Alumni Awards recognizes individuals who embarked on their journey at INTI and have gone on to become captains of industries, leaders in their respective fields and notable figures in the community. They are also individuals who have positively impacted our society, contributed to the nation’s development in every possible way and even inspired young Malaysians to be better leaders of tomorrow.

Take a look at some of our past recipients of INTI’s Outstanding Alumni Awards:

Alumni of the Year Award

Mr. Lau Seng Yee

Senior Executive Vice President of Tencent and President,
Tencent Online Media Group

Most Inspiring Alumni Award

Mr. Wong Chee Leong

Thomson Reuters (US)

Outstanding Alumni Award for Excellence in Sports

Ms. Beh Li Wei

Table Tennis Asian Champion Player

Ms. Ng Sock Khim

Table Tennis National Player

Outstanding Alumni Award for Excellence in Academic

Prof. Dr. Chuah Chen Nee

Ir. Prof. Dr. Leong Wai Yie

Outstanding Alumni Award for Innovation Excellence

Mr. Seah Kian Hoe

Heng Hiap Industries Group

Outstanding Alumni Award for Innovation Excellence

Mr. Eric Ch’ng

Hands Percussion Sdn Bhd

Mr. Tan Kheng Seong (Ah Niu)

Artist and Movie Director

Mr. Chiew Ruoh Peng

Poet and Publisher

Outstanding Alumni Award for Excellence in Entertainment

Mr. GaneshKumar Karunagharan

K-Town Clan

Outstanding Alumni Award for Youth Leadership

Mr. Michael Teoh

Elected World Ambassador

Mr. Rizmel Nazrin bin Dato Abdul Malik

Special Officer to the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia

Outstanding Alumni Award for Business / Entrepreneurship Excellence

Dato Danny Cheah J.Y.

Empire Mammoth Group

Mr. Wong Chiun Chiek


Mr. William Du

Founder and CEO of the Ingenious Haus Group, Hong Kong

Outstanding Alumni Award for Leadership & Community Service

YB Jenice Lee Ying Ha

Dato’ R. Rajendran D.I.M.P., A.M.N., P.B.M., P.J.K.

Ir. Samantha Kong Wing Man

Outstanding Alumni Award for Young Entrepreneur

Petrina Goh

CEO, &

We are looking for nominations of Outstanding INTI Alumni in the following categories:
  1. Outstanding Alumni Award for Excellence in Sports
    Nominees who obtained exemplary performance in sports and consistently uphold the values of good sportsmanship.
  2. Outstanding Alumni Award for Excellence in Academic
    Nominees who are academically well recognized.
  3. Outstanding Alumni Award for Innovation Excellence
    Nominees who breakthrough innovatively, including independent inventors or collective contribution to different sectors ranging from business, technology, research, etc.
  4. Outstanding Alumni Award for Excellence in Arts and Media
    Nominees who attained a wide range of renowned portfolios and achieved accomplishment in the art and media industry.
  5. Outstanding Alumni Award for Community Service
    Nominees who actively drive voluntary initiatives, involvement in NGOs / human rights / environmental issues etc. and social activists.
  6. Outstanding Alumni Award for Leadership
    Nominees who are actively involved in politics, government sector or are distinguished corporate leaders.
  7. Outstanding Alumni Award for Entrepreneur
    Nominees who possessed entrepreneur spirit with outstanding performance in any industry regardless of business scale.
  8. Outstanding Young Alumni Award
    Nominees aged below 40 with outstanding performance in their professional field, leadership, personal development or contribution to the society.

  9. Alumni of the Year Award
    Proudly awarded to the most inspiring INTI’s Outstanding Alumni Award recipient with all rounded performance, specially selected by the panel of judges.

Nomination Process

How Does It Work? Easy!

Step 1: Fill in the Nomination form with your details
Step 2: Nominate someone you know who is an INTI alumnus who you think deserves to be recognized as one of INTI’s Outstanding Alumni. Check out the criteria in each Award category for detailed description.
Step 3: Hit the submit button! A panel of judges consisting of INTI’s senior management and INTI Foundation will shortlist the nominees and decide on the winners of the award.

INTI alumni includes those who have studied / graduated from any of INTI’s subsidiary institutions. i.e. GIIC, Metropolitan College, PJCAD etc..

Nomination Timeline
Nominations are open from October 1 to November 3, 2022.

Winners of the various awards will be announced during INTI’s Alumni Homecoming Luncheon on November 26, 2022 at INTI International University.

Who can nominate?
Alumni, current students and staff of INTI or any of its subsidiary entities i.e. Metropolitan College, GIIC, PJCAD etc. are eligible to nominate.

Nominee Criteria
Nominees must be an alumni of INTI or any of its subsidiary entities. Nominees must meet the criteria of the respective awards as stated in the Award Criteria.

Outstanding Alumni Awards Nomination Form

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