Undertaking the UK Degree Transfer Law Programme arms a graduate with more than just the knowledge necessary to become a successful legal practitioner.

The programme cultivates an analytical mindset that allows graduates to draw critical conclusions in an impartial and effective manner while enabling graduates to persuasively critically reason and argue ideas in the written word and in eloquent discourse alike.

The knowledge and skills imparted are not only useful in legal practice but in other endeavours as well, acting as a strong foundation and a springboard for graduates to pursue careers in other fields beyond practicing law. Graduates from INTI have found great success in other fields including the business arena, the arts, journalism, education and even the public sector as well.

Lecturers with Professional Experience and Accreditation

Over 50% of the academic staff at the faculty have professional industry experience in a variety of roles in the legal profession as well as professional accreditation as legal practitioners.

This enables students to gain firsthand insight and understanding from a professional perspective to equip them for a career in law.

INTI AUP is the most established academic program in Malaysia for students seeking higher education in the United States. Since its inception over 30 years ago, INTI AUP has successfully transferred more than 15,000 students to the United States and counting. Joining INTI AUP means joining a legacy of excellence as well as maximizing the opportunity for entrance to some of the greatest universities in the world.

Small Class Sizes and Blackboard Learning System

Class sizes at INTI are deliberately kept small with 20 students maximum per class in order to ensure an optimum teaching experience.

This is further augmented by INTI’s innovative Blackboard learning system that enables students to interact with fellow students and lecturers via online forums, review course content via recorded videos and notes as well as collaborate and interact on class projects online.

INTI Law students are consistently rated as among the best performers with the University of West England noting that INTI students outperformed their own in the 2016 final examinations. In the same year, four INTI students have earned prestigious 1st class Honours across multiple universities adding to the grand total of over 15% of students throughout its history that have obtained such an honour. INTI has also produced more than 63% Second Upper Honours graduates from the UK’s top universities.

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