INTI Graduates Excel with the Right Edge

A rite of passage, this year’s convocation ceremony for INTI graduates is a continued tradition of INTI’s long standing 30 year legacy of developing industry ready graduates. This year being no exception, INTI saw its newest batch of graduates from the class of 2016 including a pioneering batch of PhD graduates and a conferment of INTI’s first Honorary Doctorate.

INTI Students Celebrate 4A*s Victory in Recent Cambridge A Level Examinations

It was an especially jubilant moment for 14 students from INTI International University & Colleges when they obtained 4A*s in the Cambridge A Level (CAL) Examinations held in May this year. Simultaneously, 25% of all INTI students who sat the examinations obtained 3As and above, reflecting the consistent high quality across all three of its six campuses nationwide who offer the programme.