Connecting the Dots between Passion and Purpose

Approaching the threshold of their working lives and generally uncertain about their future, many university students need all the inspiration and guidance they can get as they venture forward. TEDxINTIIU, an independently organized TEDx event at INTI International University, proved to be a great source of motivation and empowerment that provided helpful direction to the students.

Opportunities and Challenges in Pursuing the American Dream

Home to some of the world’s top innovators, creators and brands, America is a land of opportunity that has helped turn countless dreams into reality. INTI, having facilitated the transfer of over 11,000 Malaysian students to American universities, plays a vital role in helping students realise their academic and career aspirations, and recently hosted a forum that looked into the concept of the American Dream.

INTI Nurtures Young Philanthropists for a Better Tomorrow

Children with special needs are the centre of attention in INTI’s C.S.R. (Cares, Supports, Returns) initiative to create awareness of and support for the underprivileged in society. Organised by the School of Business (SOBIZ) of INTI International College Subang (IICS), C.S.R. comes under the faculty’s newly launched Social Enterprise Unit (SEU) that will promote philanthropy and community service among students and staff.