Cross-Cultural Case Discussions
What's the difference between doing business in Malaysia, Sydney, and Mexico?

The answer? Plenty, especially when you consider the cultural differences.

The Cross-Cultural Case Discussion Series is a Laureate Network of Universities collaborative event that encourages participation and knowledge exchange between the different Laureate universities and its students. This allows our students to learn about different cultures and how it affects business, gain new perspectives and appreciation of different cultures while creating awareness of global issues.

Cross-cultural case studies are also conducted via live conferencing which allows us to have these discussions regularly and to give as many students as possible to glean from their fellows.
Benefits of the Cross-Cultural Case Discussions include:
  • Encourage interaction with other MBA students from different universities
  • Improve communication skills
  • Broaden students' perspective and promote critical thinking
  • Understand how to discuss emerging issues effectively
  • And many more benefits that can only come with a global outlook!
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