Real Industry Projects
INTI's close industry ties mean that our students will have the opportunity and responsibility to work on projects that may have actual and immediate effect on selected companies. These projects enable students to develop employability & competency skills such as problem solving, communication, teamwork & leadership.

Upon graduation, students will have the real and solid experience in handling a portfolio of projects to give them an edge in securing their first job. Additionally, these projects help address the "skill mismatch" issue that plagues many other graduates today. Thanks to these projects, about 50% of INTI graduates earn a salary higher than the average market rate while over 95% of them are also employed within the first six months of graduation.

We work with over 70 employer partners from all major industries and up until 2012 our students have
completed 125 such employer projects over the last 2 years in the following industries:

• Information Technology
• Engineering
• Business
Insights into Career Pathway
UOW Transnational
UOW Technopreneur Week
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