Insights into Career Pathways
Here at INTI, students are invited to attend our very own INTI Insights into Career Pathways Programme at their respective campuses that gives them an opportunity to explore career options in a variety of industries. More than just another "career fair," this programme allows students to develop a higher level of awareness of the career paths available as well as a deeper understanding of what it takes to succeed in their chosen fields.

In 2012, 350 on-campus interviews were conducted. Slightly over half were offered a job prior to graduation, proving that this programme works. Additionally, many of our students were subsequently offered jobs in top audit firms, banks, engineering companies, and IT firms, just to name a few.
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Here's what you can expect to experience in the Insights into Career Pathways programme:
Discover Your Passions and Interests
• Learn about the various different career pathways spread over 40 different sessions!
Enhance your Employability
• Workshops to prepare students with resume writing, interview, grooming, financial management and communication skills.
Fun Facts
• Over 30 companies participate in this programme
• 40 sessions scheduled to give you a head start upon graduation
• Job offers may be made
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