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Wong Sook Ping
Program: Northwood 4+0 Program (2007-2011)

  Whilst education may offer facts and theories to feed our knowledge, it must also be able to develop character and integrate solid values in a person to be able to be more than a successful person, at present and in the future. Northwood 4+0 program has provided me that depth of knowledge and experience that I now hold onto dearly.

Also, in my opinion, the advantage of being in an American program is that we are given the reins to freely express and exchange opinions during a given assignment. Hence, I personally feel that I have gained so much from not only the core business subjects but also the electives that has encouraged and challenged me to step out of my comfort mindset to critically think and analyse common situations in different perspective - to think out of the box.

Hence, this business program has given me that leverage and has provided me a set of knowledge, principles and experience which has been very useful especially in implementing and executing real marketing strategies - as in this competitive environment today, managers are not looking for an employee who is a "YES" man/woman or a diligent executioner of given instructions. Instead, they seek for someone who is able to challenge existing ideas and to creatively craft solutions which offer the best results.

I am currently employed as a product executive in L'Oreal Malaysia and was under the INTI-STAR Full Scholarship 2007.
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