Discover the INTI Formula for Success with some facts, figures and student testimonials. All the extras that we work so hard to provide our students are meant to give you a leg up in setting yourselves apart from the pack. The 3 I's of Innovation, Internationalisation and Individualisation equals success for the INTI graduate.
Graduate Placements Outstanding Graduates Testimonials
A splendid education is just a first step towards a succesful career. At INTI, we assist in giving our graduates an edge via our innovative and practical Graduate Placement initiatives. Find out more > We believe the proof is in the pudding as we proudly showcase the new heights set by our Outstanding Graduates within their respective fields. Find out more > INTI has been able to produce graduates who have set new standards in graduate marketability. Listen to what they have to say as they challenge the norms in job seeking and career advancement.
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International Exposure
Make the world your classroom.
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Innovative Learning
Gain your edge through an industry-focused curriculum and the latest learning innovations.
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Individual Development
Bring out your full potential.
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