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INTI-Laureate Merit Scholarship

Offers scholarships to students with outstanding academic performance

INTI Leadership X-cellence Scholarship

Those with strong leadership qualities and have been actively serving in their schools and community are eligible to apply for this scholarship

INTI Sports X-cellence Scholarship

Available to students who excel in sports

INTI Chairman Award

Available to Bumiputera students who wish to enter any INTI campus in West Malaysia

INTI Secondary School Teacher Recognition Award

Available to students with parent currently teaching in any government, private or Chinese Independent Secondary School

INTI Family Loyalty Award

Available to new students with a sibling currently studying at INTI, or a sibling who is an INTI alumnus

INTI Progression Scholarship

For existing INTI students who have completed one programme at INTI and are progressing to another higher-level programme at INTI
In line with our mission to provide access to world-class education to all Malaysian students, INTI offers a range of scholarships and awards to deserving applicants.

Please visit the respective student services department for more information on our scholarship offers and other avenues of financial aid such as the PTPTN loan, study loans and more.
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INTI Edu-Assist is a financial aid scheme aimed at enabling students to gain access to quality private higher education in Malaysia amongst INTI's network of university and colleges. It is a partial grant on tuition fees, offered to PTPTN loan recipients and applicants of Foundation programmes with the objective of minimising the out-of-pocket tuition fees that the students are required to cover.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is INTI Edu-Assist?
INTI Edu-Assist is a financial aid scheme aimed at enabling students to gain access to quality private higher education in Malaysia amongst INTI’s network of university and colleges. It is a partial grant on tuition fees with the objective of minimising the out-of-pocket tuition fees that the students are required to cover.
Who is eligible to apply?
Malaysian students from families with a joint monthly household income of RM6,000 and below (West Malaysia) / RM5,000 and below (East Malaysia) for the 2016 intakes only are eligible to apply for this financial aid scheme.
Does it apply to all intakes at all INTI campuses?
Only new applications for 2016 intakes at INTI campuses in Putra Nilai, Subang, Kuala Lumpur and Penang will be considered for INTI Edu-Assist.
Does it apply to all programmes? What percentage of financial aid am I entitled to?
INTI Edu-Assist is applicable to selected programmes only. Please contact our Education Counselors for a list of the selected programmes. The quantum of the financial aid varies by programme and by campus.
I sat for my SPM / Pre-U in 2012. Am I eligible to apply for INTI Edu-Assist?
Applicant must only use the latest (2015) official results to apply for 2016 INTI Edu-Assist.
Am I entitled to receive INTI scholarship / bursary and Edu-Assist at the same time?
Students are only eligible for one scheme / award at a time, whichever is higher.
Can I still enroll if I missed the application deadline?
Applicants to apply for INTI Edu-Assist by the stipulated closing date. Late application will be considered at the discretion of the individual campus.
What happens if I withdraw from the programme before completion?
Students can proceed with the withdrawal without the need to return the INTI Edu-Assist granted for the past semester. Standard withdrawal terms and conditions apply.
How do I apply for INTI Edu-Assist? What are the specific documents that I need to provide?
Students are required to fill up the Edu-Assist application form and to provide the following documents:
  • Certified copy of birth certificate
  • Certified copy of parent’s proof of income - Last 2 years’ EA Form / Salary slips for last 3 months, and last 2 years’ Income Tax form (Form B / Form BE)
I understand that INTI Edu-Assist applicants can also choose to pay the outstanding fees by installment. Will there be any interest charges?
There is a Monthly Payment Plan (MPP) available to the Edu-Assist recipients. This is to offer greater flexibility of payment whilst enjoying quality education. Other than payment of a one-time administrative fee of RM50, there is no interest charge. Please refer to the additional terms and conditions under the MPP for further details.
I am currently studying at INTI. Am I eligible for INTI Edu-Assist?
INTI Edu-Assist is a financial aid introduced for new applications for 2016 intakes.


The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) was established under the National Higher Education Fund Act 1997 (Act 566). PTPTN started operations on 1 November 1997 at Bangunan Wisma Chase Perdana, Off Jalan Semantan, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur.
The PTPTN serves to provide students with affordable education loans, giving them peace of mind to pursue their aspirations.


  • Malaysian citizens
  • Not exceeding 45 years of age on date of application
  • Passed Malaysia Certificate of Education (SPM) with credits in any 3 subjects
  • Passed SPM for Community College Certificate and Polytechnic Diploma graduates with CGPA 3.0 and above
  • IPTA/IPTS/Polytechnic students must register to pursue courses approved by the IPT Management Department (IPTA/IPTS)/Polytechnic Management Department and Community College of the Ministry of Higher Education
  • IPTS students must obtain the Accreditation Certificate from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). The course and Accreditation Certificate approval period must still be valid on the date of application
  • All students must possess entry requirements determined by the Ministry of Higher Education to pursue the course. For students with qualifications that differ from that stipulated, verification that the said qualification is equivalent to the required qualification must be obtained from departments or agencies specified as above
  • The remaining period of study upon application must exceed one year
  • Have no other sponsor

Congratulations to you on obtaining 9A+ in your SPM 2014 result. Apply now to join INTI's A-Level and enjoy 'Bursary Pelajar Cemerlang Tahun 2014' by Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia.

About KPM Bursary
  • Tuition Fee for 3 A Level subjects and other fees incurred for 3 subjects
  • External Cambridge A Levels Exam fees for 3 subjects
  • University application fees (up to RM500) during the period of study
  • University admission test fees (up to RM1500) during the period of study
  • 1 English test fees (IELTS or TOEFL) during the period of study
  • Hostel fees (up to RM500 per month)
  • Living allowance of RM430 per month

Additional Benefits for INTI Students
  • Tuition fee for the 4th A level subject for students who opt for 4 A level subjects.
  • INTI covers the 1st semester fees (full) for those students who join the Jan preparatory programme or Mar intake (fees will only be refunded by end of the year, 2016)
  • Students are upgraded to twin-sharing air-con room in student hostel and INTI covers the hostel utilities charges.
  • INTI offers 10%f tuition fee waiver to those KPM bursary students who fail to maintain good grade to enjoy the awarded KPM bursary.

Eligibility for KPM Bursary
  • Logon to the Ministry of Education, Malaysia's website at to confirm your eligibility for the bursary. Update your details if need be.
  • Print out validation slip 'Slip Pengesahan Maklumat Bursary Pelajar Cemerlang SPM Tahun 2014'
  • Once you have checked your eligibility, call us or visit us and we will manage all the application process for you. For more information, contact the Admissions and Counseling Office, INTI International University :
    Nilai Campus 06-798 2000
    Subang Campus 03-5623 2800
    Penang Campus 04-631 0138

Enrollment Requirements
  • INTI International University Application Form
  • Photocopy of MyKad (identity card)
  • Photocopy of SPM 2014 Examination Results
  • Validation Slip (Slip Pengesahan Maklumat Bersary Pelajar Cemerlang SPM Tahun 2014) from Bursary KPM

Duration of Studies
  • Between 18 and 24 months

  • March 2015
  • July 2015

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