Engineering has played a pivotal role in human civilisation. From man’s first wheel to the latest surgical tools, it has shaped the world as we know it today.

Engineers are involved in understanding how and why things work, and innovating to create new technologies. Today, engineering is central to a broad range of industries, from fashion and food, to game consoles and space travel.

At the heart of engineering are science and creativity. At INTI, we provide you with the building blocks you need to make a difference in the world and engineer a far better future.


World-class partners

Obtain real industry experience and thorough understanding of practical engineering via structured internships with many MNCs and leading players such as Gamuda, Megasteel, Ricoh and TopRank.

State-of-the-art facilities

Enjoy complete access to one of the largest numbers of engineering laboratories and workshops in Malaysia. Gather data, experiment and conduct all other practical engineering exercises with ease.

International collaborations

Reap the advantages of having esteemed UK and Australian collaborators. Among our partners are University of Leeds, University of Adelaide, University of Queensland, University of New South Wales and Australian National University.

We regularly organise visits to leading corporations, where our Engineering students can further acquaint themselves with the disciplines and demands of real work environments. INTI students have visited industry giants such as Sharp Manufacturing Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd, one of the world’s top manufacturers of LCD / LED TVs and AUO SunPower Sdn Bhd, a global leader in TFT-LCD and solar technology.
One way to put knowledge into practice is to enter national competitions such as the Nehemiah Design Competition, which required participants to solve Kampung Baru’s flood woes using green technology. INTI students won second place with their structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing solution.
Gain greater global awareness and industry insights by attending the talks and lectures presented by our guest speakers here at INTI. One of our invited speakers was Professor Dr. Nowshad Amin of the Department of Electrical Electronic and Systems Engineering, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), who spoke on solar photovoltaic energy.

Programmes Offered

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