Bachelor of Business (Hons) Marketing Learning Simplified

  • Pay as low as RM 372* per month
    You have a MENTOR who will look out for you
    Exams make up 30% of the programme and it's conducted online**
    You only need 1 hour a day to earn a degree
    24/7 Accessibility to all learning materials anytime, anywhere
    Additional 4 IBM modules at no extra cost to upskill your digital literacy

    * Diploma entry into Year 2 (from the 9th module onwards) after deduction of RM3,000 early bird bursary. Based on ONE (1) module per semester on a part-time basis.
    ** 9 out of 31 modules will have final exams.
    Terms and conditions apply

    Learning about business is a great way to prepare ourselves for any real-world undertaking. At INTI, we prepare our students for the challenges of the global economy through international exposure, applications of concepts in real world scenarios, as well as a structured personal development and coaching plan. Students will gain valuable insights and acquire relevant skills to embark on their professional marketing careers.

  • Programme Structure

    • Business Accounting1
    • Business Analytics for Functional Areas (IBM)
    • Business Communication
    • Business Ethics
    • Business Law1
    • Consumer Behaviour
    • Economics Principles and Issues1
    • Financial Management1
    • Global Marketing
    • Human Resource Management and Issues
    • Integrated Marketing Communication
    • International Business
    • International Trade Finance
    • International Trade Law
    • Introduction to Business Analytics (IBM)
    • Managing Organization1
    • Marketing Research
    • New Product & Innovation Management
    • Organizational Behaviour1
    • Principles of Marketing1
    • Quantitative Methods for Business (IBM)
    • Service Marketing
    • Social, Web and Mobile Analytics (IBM)
    • Statistics for Business
    • University English1
    • Work Integrated Project
    MPU Subjects
    • Community service and Co-curriculum
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Ethnic Relations (local students) / communicating in Malay 2 (international students)
    • Islamic & Asian Civilisation (local students) / Malaysian Studies 3 (international students)
    • Presentation Skills
    • Bahasa Kebangsaan A*
    Offered at

    INTI International University

    August 2017 & October 2017

    Take Advantage of Our Financial Aid

    In addition to flexible studying hours, INTI also offers a host of financial aid that lets you study affordably.
    0% interest monthly payment plan***
    EPF withdrawal
    Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF)
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