Message from the Chancellor

INTI International University has been developing its higher education infrastructure, human resources and intellectual property for close to 30 years. This indeed speaks volumes of a tertiary education institution that nurtures highly knowledgeable, creative and motivated future leaders who aspire to shape and contribute to national development.

INTI IU thrives on a 21st century educational system that develops industry-tailored curricula and provides individualized learning opportunities for students to unleash their potentials. This resonates with academia’s responsibility to bring educational reforms to the nation.

It is my great privilege to join the INTI IU community as its First Chancellor and to forge a commitment to academic excellence. I share the same enthusiasm and commitment to take this institution to greater heights and to be at the forefront of Malaysian education. I will work with the faculty and staff, and our partners in local and international communities to fortify the pillars that deliver a remarkable student experience to INTIans.

With warm regards,

Tan Sri Dato Seri Utama Arshad Ayub

Tan Sri Dato Seri Utama Arshad Ayub

A highly respected individual with a passion for education reform, Tan Sri Dato Seri Utama Arshad Ayub is an exemplary role model for being at the forefront of academic innovation. Renowned for his drive and leadership qualities, Tan Sri Arshad has made significant contributions, which have shaped Malaysia’s education landscape.

Academic Qualifications
Tan Sri Arshad Ayub graduated with a Diploma in Agriculture from the College of Agriculture, Serdang, Selangor in 1954 and obtained his Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree in Economics and Statistics from the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth in the United Kingdom in 1958. In 1964, he pursued a postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration from the Management Development Institute (IMEDE), in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Career Milestones
Tan Sri Arshad Ayub has had a distinguished career and an extensive work experience in the Malaysian Civil Service, having held senior positions in various Ministries in the Malaysian Government from 1958 till 1983 including as Deputy Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia from 1975 to 1977, Deputy Director General in the Economic Planning Unit of the Prime Minister’s Department from 1977-1978, and Secretary General of 3 Ministries, namely, Ministry of Primary Industries in 1978, Ministry of Agriculture in 1979 to 1981 and Ministry of Land and Regional Development from 1981 to 1983. He was a Member of Justice Harun’s Salaries Commission for statutory bodies.

Outstanding Accolades
Most remembered for his influences in developing UiTM (formerly known as MARA Institute of Technology) to greater and progressive heights, Tan Sri Arshad was appointed the university’s first director in 1967. Since then, he has received numerous awards and accolades for his outstanding contributions in the field of education from both local and international institutions, bodies and organizations.

Some of these awards include the following:

  • Honorary Doctor of Laws (Ll.D), Ohio University, Athens, U.S.A
  • Fellow of Institut Tadbiran Awam Negara (INTAN)
  • Honorary Doctor of Education (D.Ed), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)
  • Fellowship of the University College of Wales, Aberyswyth
  • Honorary Doctor of Laws (Ll.D) , University of Wales
  • Honorary Doctor of Letters (D.Litt), Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (UPM) (currently known as University Putra Malaysia)
  • Tokoh RIDA-MARA, Jubli Emas RIDA-MARA
  • Tun Abdul Razak National Award
  • Honorary Doctorate Degree (DUniv) by University of South Wales, United Kingdom

He was also the recipient of ‘Anugerah Mutiara Budi’ from the Ministry of Finance for his great contribution to the Government and was awarded the prestigious ACCA Achievement Award for his outstanding contribution for the development of professional accountancy in Malaysia.

The Future and Beyond
Tan Sri Arshad Ayub currently serves on the Board of Directors of several public listed companies including Malayan Flour Mills Berhad, Tomypak Holdings Berhad, Kulim (Malaysia) Berhad, and Top Glove Corporation Berhad. Tan Sri is also the Chairman and/or Director of several other companies including Bata Sdn Bhd, and PFM Capital Holdings Sdn Bhd.

In his capacity as the first Chancellor of INTI International University, Nilai, Tan Sri Arshad Ayub looks to elevating the university’s standing in the education industry to greater heights with his years of experience.

INTI International University Mace

The INTI International University Mace was specially crafted to symbolically represent the three pillars of INTI: International Exposure, Innovative Learning and Individual Development. The intrinsic features on the mace shares the university’s pledge in elevating INTI students to become a globally sought-after community of graduates.

The torch shape at the head of the mace with the globe as its central focus symbolizes a flame that stands for INTI’s dedication to educational excellence.

The flame is a representation of INTI’s zeal in driving innovative learning by constantly being at the forefront of new teaching and learning technologies. INTI is committed to being a burning flame that guides students along their path to academic excellence.

The globe at the centre represents the very core of INTI – a truly international education institution which provides students opportunities for international exposure and has a large international student community.

The globe held in its place by two masts represents INTI’s prominence in Malaysia’s higher education environment and its dominance as one of Malaysia’s preferred education providers. Coated in gold, the globe also represents the lasting quality and high value of education delivered by INTI and its team of highly qualified and experienced academics.

Each bead has a gold lace border which is fashioned from Songket - an intricately patterned hand-woven fabric. This unique aesthetic feature symbolizes the final pillar of the INTI Edge – individual development. INTI is proud of its students who have benefited greatly from the many career-focused initiatives undertaken and are now part of the community of outstanding INTI students and alumni who have gained international recognition for their individual characteristics, skills and knowledge.

About INTI International University

INTI International University’s purpose-built campus is set within 82 acres of landscaped grounds in Putra Nilai. It offers all the facilities and amenities - ranging from a multimedia Learning Resource Centre to an Olympic-size swimming pool – that students would need as they immerse themselves in their education while gaining a cross-cultural experience.

At INTI students enjoy a unique advantage derived from the Three I’s of International Exposure, Innovative Learning and Individual Development.

Against the backdrop of a recession, shortage of seats in public universities and the rising cost of overseas education, Mr. Tan Yew Sing, together with a modest group of shareholders consisting of Tan Sri Abdul Majid, Dr. Lee Fah Onn, Chia Soong Koon, Low Sik Thong, Lim Ho Ping, Joyce Yuen and Teng Choon Kuang started the first INTI College. The property was 800 sq. ft. facility in Bangunan Sim Lim, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. The diverse group of investors came together for a common purpose. Aware of the circumstances and challenges within the country with regard to higher education, they seized the opportunity before them, transforming the lives of thousands of youth who had little access to higher education.

The increasing number of students offered fresh opportunities of growth for the college. INTI wanted to give students the experience of a residential campus; one which promote intellectual growth, social, sporting and cultural activities along with the opportunity to build lifelong friendships. It was on this premise that INTI College Malaysia (ICM) was established on the 82 acres (330,000 m2) of land in Putra Nilai. In the same year, INTI College rose to new heights when it received official approval to offer 3+0 programmes by the then Minister of Education, Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak.

As the premier college in Malaysia to offer American Degree programmes, INTI College was the first tertiary institution awarded the Certificate of Appreciation of Achievement in Trade by the United States Department of Commerce. The award was for multicultural cooperation via academic collaboration. Over 40% of Malaysia students who successfully transferred to the US since 1992 were from INTI, by far the largest placement by any private college in Malaysia. INTI College further added milestones to its name when it was honoured by the Ministry of Education Malaysia with four awards: The most number of foreign campuses: Highest enrolment of local students; Highest enrolment of foreign students; and Overall excellence.

INTI was the only recipient of two distinguished awards from the Ministry of Higher Education: Highest number of accredited programmes and the Highest enrolment of international students.

INTI celebrated its 20th year with much glory when it received the honour and recognition of being upgraded to University College status by the Ministry of Higher Education – INTI College Malaysia became INTI University College (INTI-UC).

The University College became the first International Associate College of the University of Bradford (UK).

INTI received the Best Brand in Education – Tertiary level at the BrandLaureate – SME Chapter Awards 2009, a recognition of the highest branding standard for tertiary education by the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation (APBF).

On 31 May, INTI achieved its pinnacle moment when the Ministry of Higher Education upgraded INTI University College to the status of a fully-fledged University – INTI International University, two years ahead of schedule. INTI was recognized as having contributed greatly to helping Malaysia achieve its vision of being a regional education hub.

INTI celebrated 25 years of hard work to establish itself as a provider of quality, world-class education. With a strong student population of over 13,000, INTI is set to “redefine international education in Malaysia” and take the aspirations of its founders to greater heights.

INTI students continue to display their remarkable achievements in academic and extracurricular activities. By providing students opportunities to gain from the INTI Edge, which encompasses international exposure, innovative learning and individual development, INTI students are able to seamlessly transition into the working world as industry-ready graduates.

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