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INTI and IBM have come together to launch a series of new undergraduate and diploma programmes introducing technology or industry-aligned intellectual property to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) students and as a world first to Business diploma and undergraduates developing a digital literacy capability. The courseware (intellectual property) has been designed ground up to enable the students to learn newer current skill sets.

Together, this will impart outstanding industry-grade skills to the students, and will allow them to be prepared for many of the challenges that the fast moving world they will encounter in their upcoming careers. It is new thinking, and a cutting-edge approach to technology or domain meritocracy.

These new courses will develop deep theoretical knowledge delivered to them coupled with broad-based industry alignment, interactions, talent discovery and recognition and technology excellence in their professional make-up. The new batches educated and accredited at the University will be ready for IT industry much better than their peers from other universities and colleges. They will readily fill the gap the IT industry is currently facing towards employability of graduate Bachelors of Technology students into their customer projects. The Bachelors of Business students will graduate with a clearer understanding of the digital world they will be entering covering disciplines in demand through industry.

What is IBM-ICE?

What is IBM-ICE?

IBM-ICE is IBM’s Innovation Center of Education (ICE) that develop customized industry oriented curriculum to skillfully nurture and mold the students into industry-ready professionals by focusing on real time learning via live projects, curriculum enablement and developments tuned to current market needs. The programme curriculum brings together the latest software content, real world industry experience, hands-on lab course and best practices, all into a single unique education programme

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IBM Infused Programmes


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* IBM Infused Programmes are offered at INTI International University only.
** Diploma in Information & Communication Technology is offered at INTI International University, INTI International College Subang and INTI International College Penang